Becoming a Better Leader: Utilizing Time Management Skills

In order to become a successful leader, it’s vital to develop strong time management skills to stay organized and move forward. When business gets busy and you’re trying to lead, things can seem overwhelming and it can become easy to fall behind.

If you want to grow and lead, it’s important to be aware of how you spend your time, who you make commitments to and how often you keep those commitments, and how well you communicate with those you want to lead.

LeadershipFinding a balance between work and play is a hard task when you are working toward excellent leadership. You have to determine how much time should be designated to family, work and leisure, allowing yourself enough time to maintain and grow all relationships, as well as take care of your mind and body.

We constantly recommend agents and leaders to analyze their lives and time management skills as they stand, in order to help them change and move forward. We encourage this analysis through the four quadrants, a map that helps you categorize your tasks in order of importance.

Doing this shows you where you waste the most time and where you don’t spend enough time, making you aware of your time management faults. Being aware of these shortcomings will help you grow and become a better leader.

We have three tips to offer that will help you grow into the leader you want to be.

  1. Be organized– Don’t overbook your schedule. Make time for the things that are important in your life and have those things prioritized. Make time for family and business, even if that means cutting out an hour of TV each night. Don’t waste a lot of time on unimportant things – all leaders only get 24 hours each day. Your success depends on how you maximize those 24 hours.
  2. Be dependable– Don’t overcommit. Keep track of commitments you make and be sure only to make commitments you can keep. The quickest way to become an untrustworthy leader is to repetitively let people down. Keep track of your calendar and what you are realistically able to commit to – commit to nothing more. Building a reputation for keeping commitments and being genuine will gain more followers and the trust of your current followers. Ignoring this important aspect of leadership will stunt your growth.
  3. Be current– Don’t get behind. Sift through emails and voicemails, spending time on important messages and skimming through unimportant ones. Don’t let your inbox pile up with hundreds of messages before you check them – pay them their due respect in a timely fashion, addressing only the ones that need addressing. Staying on top of messages will alleviate stress in the long run. Ten minutes today is better than three hours at the end of the month.

Applying these simple methods to your lifestyle will help you propel forward in your path to leadership. Without getting past these obstacles, it’s difficult to become the successful leader you aim to be. Stay encouraged and motivated to become the person you want to be. It takes hard work to be successful, so don’t get lazy!

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