Making a Difference: Gaining Through Giving

At National Agents Alliance, we work hard to make a difference in the lives of our clients, employees, agents and leaders. Through a variety of events and activities, we serve our clients, encourage our agents and strengthen our leaders. By encouraging and requiring an environment of learning and constant growth, we set high expectations for everyone within the National Agents Alliance family.

As we promote this growth and all work toward continual improvement, we consistently find that we are gaining through giving. At National Agents Alliance, our motto, “Have fun, make money, make a difference” stands true and remains the central component of everything we do.

As we continue to grow in numbers and in strength, we protect more and more American families from an assortment of financial stresses following the death of a loved one. Through guiding our clients to the perfect life insurance coverage and following through by providing it, we change the lives and futures of American families daily.

Gaining Through Giving

Gaining Through Giving

In addition to helping better the lives and futures of our clients and their families, we work to better the lives of our agents and corporate employees, as well. By hosting company training events, we give agents and employees access to leadership material such as motivating books, training and testimonies from top leaders, and the opportunity to associate with and learn from top leaders in the business and outside of the business, including our President and CEO Andy Albright and nationally renowned authors and motivational speakers.

By providing an all-around culture that promotes personal and professional growth, we allow agents and employees to gain as they give. As agents and employees dedicate themselves to working hard and becoming better leaders, they find that they are more successful and more motivated to keep aiming higher and higher. One of the things we like to say is that “the sky is the limit with NAA.” Anyone who works with us knows that the opportunities are endless – and we have the culture to prove it.

The National Agents Alliance culture is really more of a family. Agents, employees, leaders and their families are welcomed at company events, and people in the NAA family, of all levels, provide constant support and advice for one another. From success stories to honest expressions of struggles, the NAA family shares and supports its members through it all. From kind notes and flowers on a bad day to an understanding friend to talk to, the NAA family has it all.

We have found that this culture – this family, this environment of learning and growth – promotes more success and more meaning in life. By adding all of these personal elements into the insurance sales market, we are creating an innovative environment and are finding that we are continuing to gain through giving.

As we help protect more American families, we find that we are not only increasingly gaining financially, but also personally and as a company. Because we work hard to make a difference, seeing the effects of our hard work is motivating and rewarding, encouraging us to aim higher and higher as time goes on. As we encourage others within the NAA family, we find that we are rewarded in our leadership skills, our life experience and our friendships. As we continue to give and help others, we are continually gaining in more ways that just financial.

We have fun learning and growing with our NAA family, we make money by valuing our clients and working for the betterment of their lives, and we make a difference by helping American families and protecting their futures. Our motto is at the heart of everything we do, and staying true to our purpose is what grants us the continual gain we find through giving.

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