The National Agents Alliance Opportunity

Jason Carey wants me to succeed. Tawny Carey wants me to succeed. Everyone I meet in the Alliance would like to see me succeed. Compare that to where I have worked. My previous success was measured by the number of hours I cut from an employee’s schedule, possibly turning them into part time workers where they would  lose their benefits.

I have been a supervisor and operation manager in the transportation industry since 1985. I was injured in 2007. My doctor wouldn’t even let me out of his office. He told me to sit in the wheel chair as he was admitting me into the hospital for emergency back surgery. He told me one wrong move and I could become paralyzed.

During recovery I had a lot of time to think. I realized I had given my back, my time, my energy and my family time to others to make their dreams come true. They  bought their children wonderful Christmases, super birthday parties, great family vacations and just quality time with their family. Yet none of them came to visit me in the hospital to say “Thanks for blowing out your back to help build my mansion on Folsom Lake”, or “Thanks for that awesome hunting trip with my son in Canada.”

In that time lying on my back in the hospital, rehabbing and many painful nights I knew I needed to make a change. I thought about becoming a teacher but that was not going to free me and my family. I tried an MLM but who really wants to sell soap? I tried a financial services business, but it just didn’t seem to work. I tried an employee benefits business, but the training was minimal and the leaders would rather harp than inspire.

A friend of mine who was in the insurance industry said he had heard a lot about National Agents Alliance. I contacted an agent near me, and saw the NAA website. I don’t know if National Agents Alliance is the biggest out there, but I do know it is involved with us newbies. The training is amazing and the inspiration is out of this world.  Thank you Jason, Tawny and NAA for this opportunity!  I’m so glad I started!

Gene Johnson, Jr.

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