Find Your Inspiration with National Agents Alliance

Our President and CEO, Andy Albright is one of the most motivated and inspirational people we know – but where does all of that inspiration come from? In this blog, we’ll tell you where some of the most successful people find the motivation to work hard and constantly improve.

Others Who Have Achieved Success

Andy always tells agents to use “association,” meaning to associate with people who have already achieved the success that you want. Study their habits and work ethic to see how they got to where they are today and how you can do it too. It’s always inspiring to see someone who worked hard to earn the lifestyle they believed they deserved. Hotspots and President’s Club Night Owls are a great way for you to associate with the most successful agents.

Taking a RiskFuture Success

Risk taking actually gives many people the motivation to work harder. When there’s something to lose, you’ll be more likely to take action to ensure that you’ll make a gain rather than a loss. When you’ve put your own money into your business, there is always the possibility of failure; however, the risk of losing the money you earned often makes you work harder to keep it and to make more money. Stepping out of your comfort zone can really boost your motivation and make you more successful.

People Who Don’t Believe in You

It seems kind of strange that you could find inspiration from people who don’t believe you can be successful, but many people do. Think about all of the people who told you that you weren’t good enough or that you’d never make it, and discover ways to prove them wrong. Maybe someone didn’t hire you because you weren’t “fit for the position” – think of ways you can be happier and more successful than you would have been at that job. Use all of those negative comments as motivation to reach your potential and prove to yourself that the people who put you down were wrong and didn’t know how much you could actually achieve.


Andy Albright strongly believes that reading can change people. That’s why he started a book club that will send you his “book of the month” automatically at the beginning of each month. By reading, you’re opening your mind to other people’s ideas. This can spark new motivations, inspirations, and ideas that you haven’t thought of before. A good book can challenge your way of thinking and help you become a better person.

To read a story we found inspiring, see our blog “NAA’s Chris Wassarman Makes a Difference.” If you want more information about where Andy gets his inspiration, you can read his blog at

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