Albright Challenge Helping Agents Grow

We’ve just released a new video of agents Melody and Nathan Thomas discussing their experience with the Albright Challenge. Andy created the Albright Challenge to help National Agents Alliance team members become, grow, and lead. We’re pleased at the overwhelming positive responses we’ve gotten from our agents! Read the comments below to see what agents are saying about the 90 day program. You can watch the video below of Melody and Nathan’s experience.

“Andy, I can’t explain how much it means for us to know that we are plugged into a program that lays the spiritual, mental, and physical growth plan out like yours does!! We are so excited to start this 90 days off strong and GROW in every area of our lives! Thank you so much for thinking of a system to help us do this!!! God Bless!!!” – Brant and Angelica Swindle

“What an excellent combination of the principles we learn from all of the experts on human potential. Andy has pulled the basics together in a format that cuts past the clutter and gives you a small step to take every day. Rather than each of us having to cobble together a piecemeal plan from all of the books we read, Andy distills it down to the essence of each point, really driving home the concepts of the books he encourages us all to read.” – Gerry Seymour

“90 days down. Ready for the next 90. I feel like this has been a great step in the right direction for me personally. Because of this challenge, I have created some habits that wouldn’t have otherwise been created. Thank you for putting this together. I am ready to build upon what I’ve learned, focus in the most important details, play big, and act as if I know that I am going to win every single day. J” – Justin Karsnitz

“I have enjoyed the challenge and appreciate the reminders and the knowledge that is offered. It has made me pay more attention and focus more on building my dream.” – Carolyn Parker

“Andy, I am grateful for this 90 day challenge and all the wisdom you have shared. I see much more clearly what is possible to achieve and build and grow. Exponential results are about to happen.” – Frances Winfree

If you’d like to sign up for the Albright Challenge, visit today and sign up. You’ll get a video of Andy sent right to your email every day helping you become a better person and a better leader.

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