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More Job Opportunities, Unemployment Rates Down

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 288,000 jobs added in the US in June, 2014. This is an improvement over the 224,000 jobs that were added in May. Overall, employment has greatly improved through the first half of 2014 with a total of 1.4 million more jobs in the U.S. from January to June. The unemployment rate is now only 6.1% due to more jobs added and more people entering the workforce.

President Obama is pleased with the job increase, but says that there is still room for improvement. He would like decrease long-term unemployment and raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10. Minimum wage is currently only $7.25, which means that full time employees could make less than $15,000 a year (information from

Here at National Agents Alliance, we like to do our part to help out Americans who need a job or who are tired of working long hours just to make ends meet. We’re always hiring because we provide the unique opportunity for people to build their own business and take control of their own lives.

With the Alliance, you can make more than $30,000 a year working part-time. This means that you can work half the time and make twice the money than if you worked a full-time job earning the current minimum wage! And you can make a six-figure income if you work full-time.

Our system is simple – all you need to do is get your life insurance license and follow the proven system we provide. We offer all the training you need to get started including a weekly meeting, conference calls, a live show, online training courses, an in-home presentation, office supplies and more. You can work anywhere in the United States helping others protect their families with life insurance all while earning enough money to live your dream lifestyle.

If you’re interested in great career helping others and earning a higher income, visit to learn more and start the process of becoming an agent. If you’d like to speak to one of our hiring agents, contact us at 336-227-3319. Don’t get stuck in the unemployment line or struggling to get by with a minimum wage job. Take control of your life and join National Agents Alliance today.

Agents Double Previous Income at National Agents Alliance

If you’re thinking about joining the Alliance, or if you’d like to recruit more agents, we are giving you even more proof that our sales and lead systems work. You’ve probably seen the many testimonies we have on our Profiles of Success page on, but today we’d like to share a testimony that’s a little different than the others. Andrew Richardson sold insurance before he came to National Agents Alliance; see his story below.

Andrew Richardson“My name is Andrew Richardson. I joined NAA a little under three months ago. I responded to an ad on Craigslist and got plugged into a hotspot in Portland, Oregon. I am the sole provider for my family and have been a commission-only agent for about 4 years prior to coming to National Agents Alliance. The proof is in the income…since coming on board I have DOUBLED my previous income and the training and support I have received from Jason Thornton and Jason and Tawny Carey has been incredible. I HIGHLY recommend plugging into this amazing organization!”

Agents at National Agents Alliance have access to more training and support than they would other insurance companies, and the opportunity to make even more money. Andrew Richardson, among other agents, is living proof that you can be successful with NAA. Other lead and sales systems don’t compare to what National Agents Alliance has.

For more information about job opportunities with National Agents Alliance, visit Also check out what agents have to say about the Albright Challenge on our previous blog post “Albright Challenge Helping Agents Grow”.

Albright Challenge Helping Agents Grow

We’ve just released a new video of agents Melody and Nathan Thomas discussing their experience with the Albright Challenge. Andy created the Albright Challenge to help National Agents Alliance team members become, grow, and lead. We’re pleased at the overwhelming positive responses we’ve gotten from our agents! Read the comments below to see what agents are saying about the 90 day program. You can watch the video below of Melody and Nathan’s experience.

“Andy, I can’t explain how much it means for us to know that we are plugged into a program that lays the spiritual, mental, and physical growth plan out like yours does!! We are so excited to start this 90 days off strong and GROW in every area of our lives! Thank you so much for thinking of a system to help us do this!!! God Bless!!!” – Brant and Angelica Swindle

“What an excellent combination of the principles we learn from all of the experts on human potential. Andy has pulled the basics together in a format that cuts past the clutter and gives you a small step to take every day. Rather than each of us having to cobble together a piecemeal plan from all of the books we read, Andy distills it down to the essence of each point, really driving home the concepts of the books he encourages us all to read.” – Gerry Seymour

“90 days down. Ready for the next 90. I feel like this has been a great step in the right direction for me personally. Because of this challenge, I have created some habits that wouldn’t have otherwise been created. Thank you for putting this together. I am ready to build upon what I’ve learned, focus in the most important details, play big, and act as if I know that I am going to win every single day. J” – Justin Karsnitz

“I have enjoyed the challenge and appreciate the reminders and the knowledge that is offered. It has made me pay more attention and focus more on building my dream.” – Carolyn Parker

“Andy, I am grateful for this 90 day challenge and all the wisdom you have shared. I see much more clearly what is possible to achieve and build and grow. Exponential results are about to happen.” – Frances Winfree

If you’d like to sign up for the Albright Challenge, visit today and sign up. You’ll get a video of Andy sent right to your email every day helping you become a better person and a better leader.

Have You Registered for NAA Fall Forward Events Yet?

As you’ve heard, there are two Fall Forward events coming up in October. The first event will take place from October 4th to the 6th in Los Angeles, California and the second will be from October 18th to the 20th at the Alliance headquarters in Burlington, NC. These events may not be close to you, so why should you spend time and money traveling to these events? We’ll tell you why!

LPT Intro Class

If you haven’t taken the Lead Performance Team Introductory class, it’s something you should sign up for. NAA’s lead system is very sophisticated and is constantly evolving. This class will help you understand the different types of leads, how leads are generated, the cost of leads, the online lead system, and which leads you should start out working. The class is only $29 and it’s a step you have to take if you’d like to get your Lead Certification.

Annuity Training

Many agents know how to sell insurance, but annuities can be a little more difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the products. This training is important if you want to learn more about annuities, who the ideal customer is, and how to overcome customer concerns.


Andy always stresses how important association is, and this is a huge opportunity for you to get close to the top agents and learn directly from them! If you want to be a millionaire, you need to hang out with and get tips from people who are already millionaires. This is the perfect chance for you to learn from the best! If you buy the all-inclusive ticket, you can sit down and have a meal with these agents. If you’re a member of the President’s Club you can attend the Night Owl and get even more one-on-one time with them!

Make More Money

We have seen evidence that agents who attend our events make more sales than agents who do not. This is because we provide the training and motivation at our events that you need in order to be successful. You have questions, and we have the answers. Why would you not want to be there?

Tickets are going fast, so if you want to reserve your spot at one of the two Fall Forward events, you’ll have to act now. Go to to register now! You don’t want to miss this opportunity!

National Agents Alliance’s Chris Wassarman Makes a Difference

At National Agents Alliance, we talk a lot about making a difference both in our agents’ lives and in the lives of our clients. Chris Wassarman shared the following story about an appointment that changed both his and his client’s life.

“Last night I met with a 58 year old woman who was completely deaf 100%. She was very good at reading lips so I was able to communicate with her that way. We were sitting at her kitchen table watching the Yankees game. She had a small $5,000 policy that was going to expire when she turned 70. She made a mere $10,000 a year and didn’t live in the nicest house, so I knew she needed something she could afford and at the same time that was actually going to fit her needs. I was able to write her up a $10,000 policy for only about $34 a month, which she could afford.  She was grateful, to say the least.

Before I left she asked me what roads I would take to get back home; she has always wanted to drive more, but has never been able to because she felt restricted to her house due to her impairment. I told her that I really didn’t know because I have OnStar and the OnStar voice just directs me where to go so I don’t pay attention to the roads. She then told me with a saddened look on her face ‘Oh, so it’s not something that I could use’. I told her she could always use GPS because it shows a display. ‘How much are they?’ she asked, ‘I probably wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway.’ I knew that I had an extra GPS in my car that I didn’t use and on top of that I have OnStar, my fiancé has 2 GPS’s, and I have GPS on my phone, so I told her to hold on and I went to my car, grabbed my GPS, and gave it to her. The look in her eyes was more powerful than any words she could have ever said. She looked me in my eyes and said ‘Thank you! You just gave me freedom!’ Then gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek.

I swear I got more out of that appointment then she did. It’s things like that that really make you feel like you’re doing people good; it made me realize that this job is so much more than money, it is truly about just being able to reach out and help others. We really can change lives, and that is the true beauty of this opportunity.”

-Chris Wassarman

We love to hear stories like Chris’s, so if you have a story to share, send it to us at Your experiences can inspire others, and we’d love to share them here.

The National Agents Alliance Opportunity

Jason Carey wants me to succeed. Tawny Carey wants me to succeed. Everyone I meet in the Alliance would like to see me succeed. Compare that to where I have worked. My previous success was measured by the number of hours I cut from an employee’s schedule, possibly turning them into part time workers where they would  lose their benefits.

I have been a supervisor and operation manager in the transportation industry since 1985. I was injured in 2007. My doctor wouldn’t even let me out of his office. He told me to sit in the wheel chair as he was admitting me into the hospital for emergency back surgery. He told me one wrong move and I could become paralyzed.

During recovery I had a lot of time to think. I realized I had given my back, my time, my energy and my family time to others to make their dreams come true. They  bought their children wonderful Christmases, super birthday parties, great family vacations and just quality time with their family. Yet none of them came to visit me in the hospital to say “Thanks for blowing out your back to help build my mansion on Folsom Lake”, or “Thanks for that awesome hunting trip with my son in Canada.”

In that time lying on my back in the hospital, rehabbing and many painful nights I knew I needed to make a change. I thought about becoming a teacher but that was not going to free me and my family. I tried an MLM but who really wants to sell soap? I tried a financial services business, but it just didn’t seem to work. I tried an employee benefits business, but the training was minimal and the leaders would rather harp than inspire.

A friend of mine who was in the insurance industry said he had heard a lot about National Agents Alliance. I contacted an agent near me, and saw the NAA website. I don’t know if National Agents Alliance is the biggest out there, but I do know it is involved with us newbies. The training is amazing and the inspiration is out of this world.  Thank you Jason, Tawny and NAA for this opportunity!  I’m so glad I started!

Gene Johnson, Jr.

Debbie Benn #1 Mutual of Omaha Producer for NAA!

Debbie BennHard work and dedication does pay off, like National Agents Alliance insurance agent Debbie Benn recently found out when she received a personal email from Mutual of Omaha’s Brokerage Life Sales Director Brent Bench for being the #1 NAA producer.

Brent Bench wrote, “On behalf of myself and all of us at Mutual of Omaha, I would like to thank you for your dedication and commitment to Mutual of Omaha.  Once again, you are our #1 NAA producer in personal production and….we still have 3 months go to in 2012.”

To show their appreciation for everything that she does Mutual of Omaha is sending her a little something special. She will be receiving a package filled with treats, like a one of a kind Mutual Omaha coat that no one in the nation has; two Mutual of Omaha shirts, a suede portfolio, and Waterman pen.

During Benn’s time with the Alliance, her hard work and dedication has also made it possible for her to participate in Mutual of Omaha-NAA Pheasant Hunt; as well as vacations to Atlantis, Punta Cana, and will be joining the Alliance on the 2013 Aruba trip with the insurance carrier.

Congratulations, Debbie Benn! All of us at the Alliance are so proud of you and your dedication to the business and the team! Keep it up!

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Cindy Ray, Helping Those in Need

Last year I had an enrollment at a small family owned grocery store in the town where I live.  I knew the couple that owned the store through a local gathering place we both frequented.  They were kind enough to allow me to supply their 10 to 20 employees with supplemental insurance option plans, one of which being a cancer policy that paid cash to the client.  At the time, I was also trying to assist the owner with processing claims for his deceased mother.

During the enrollment, I met with one of his daughters.  She had just moved back to the area with her little girl.  She decided on taking out a life policy and a cancer policy. She intended to get married in the near future so she went ahead and took a family cancer plan to cover her and her daughter that would pick up her husband when they got married.

About 3 months after the enrollment, the couple that owned the grocery came over to my table at the oyster bar that we frequented.  Kenneth told me that he had not had much luck with his mother’s old life policies yet, but that he would be forever grateful to me for signing his daughter up for the family cancer plan because it had been such a blessing to the family. His 4 year old granddaughter had been diagnosed with lung cancer 2 to 3 months after they took out the policy.  His daughter never in her wildest dreams imagined that her 4 year old would get cancer of any kind.  The money helped them tremendously.  The little girl is still fighting for her life, but I understand that at the moment she is improving from her last battle.

I truly believe the Good Lord put me in front of her mother to help her.  I only hope that I can help others.  It is a wonderful feeling to be able to help a little girl’s family like that in such a terrible situation.  I have always said that life would be wonderful if we could only decide what the Lord wants us to do with everything that he puts in front of us every day!


Cindy Ray

Manchester, TN

Eric Lardie Love this Opportunity!

What an outstanding week this has been!!

Sheryl & I received an invitation to the Albright Board Member School and we traveled down from Michigan to attend.

We spent Friday afternoon at the home office with The Lead Performance Team, President’s Club, and the ABTF. Friday evening we received an invite to the Albrights home!  A jammed pack evening with food and refreshments with NAA’s top leaders!

While we were in North Carolina, we associated with Stephen & Hollie Davies as much as we could, and we picked up a few leads too.

  1. On Tuesday we ran business in Burk County, and we wrote five applications!  Later, we conducted interviews and contracted 2 new agents.
  2. On Wednesday we were able to spend time with Kevin & Nancy Davies!
  3. Thursday we attended the Asheville Rotational Meeting with Stephen Davies, Fitz, & Gina Hawks!  The Night Owl for Presidents Club was fantastic!
  4. Friday, we attended the Davies Group Bootcamp and assisted in some training.
  5. Saturday we ran appointments again, and we wrote another 6 applications and 1 annuity!!

We are working on our business, recruiting and covering families…Love this opportunity!

Thank you National Agents Alliance & Staff, Andy for creating and constantly improving this phenomenal system and Stephen for the coaching and mentoring.

Eric Lardie
-hired by Stephen Davies
(Detroit Rotational Meeting)

Josh McDonald

Joshua McDonaldJoshua McDonald is no stranger to a good fight. He grew up most of his life with a single mom who fought everyday to provide for them; many times working 2 jobs just to make ends meet. In September 2006, he watched his mom fight again as she had 12 brain tumors removed and 30 rounds of radiation. But at the age of 28, Josh never imagined he would be fighting for his own life.  Josh joined NAA back in December and has attended every sales meeting and info meeting.

The day after meeting with one of the founders during his trip to Dallas 2 weeks ago, Josh was on his way to an appointment when his breathing became labored. Rushing home to use his breathing treatment he had for his occasional asthma attacks, he quickly realized this was much bigger. Josh yelled for someone to call 911.

The last thing he remembers was grabbing the EMT in the ambulance by the shirt and telling him ” You gotta do something…I’m not gonna make it”. Josh prayed for his 5 month old son Beckham and passed out.  He woke up 2 days later in ICU after an acute asthma attack caused by an untreated cold almost cost him his life and Beckham his daddy.

This whole experience has given Josh a renewed sense of purpose in his life and passion for his business; he also believes it is not a coincidence he had just written his own life insurance policy the day before his attack! Even more remarkable was that next Tuesday, just 3 days after being released from the hospital, Josh attended the Roberts/Patton Group sales meeting with applications in hand!

The Patton & Roberts Agency is proud to have Joshua McDonald as a valuable part of the team.

-Jeremy T. Patton

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