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Speed Lead Helps Crews Help Man Get Coverage

Mickey and Joanna Crews with Jon GordonMickey Crews snagged a Speed Lead for a man named Dan on May 7. Crews called several times and finally reached Dan on May 17. Crews was getting an oil change on his vehicle when he set the appointment with the gentleman.

Crews quickly referenced the email series the gentleman received from NAA President and CEO Andy Albright, which Dan remembered seeing and acknowledged that he had filled out his information and sent it in.

“I told Dan that Andy is a goofball and that he calls me ‘Agent X,’” Crews said. “That really solidified that I was an agent and not just some telemarketer.”

Crews said the man didn’t really want anybody to come to his home, but did want quotes. Crews said that Andy Albright believes that a person can die any day and because of that, Crews had to come see him as fast as possible so he was covered. Crews also told the gentleman to reply back to Andy if he got more emails so that it was clear that Crews was doing his job.

“I explained that as ugly as I am, I am still better than a needle or medical exam,” Crews said. “(Dan) laughed and booked the appointment for the next day. I explained that Joanna (wife) and I always have date night on Fridays at six, so we would have to move fast during our 5:30 appointment.”

When Crews arrived at the man’s home, he saw a mobile home park with a bunch of unmarked concrete slabs where people park their mobile homes. Crews called Dan and he came outside to meet him.

The gentleman requested $200,000 in term coverage. He was 66 and single and told Crews about his daughter, Cynthia and two grandchildren – Savannah and Giovanni – who live in New York. He wanted coverage for their sake.

Dan had suffered a heart attack five years prior, so Crews knew he would not be able to place a term policy on his client.

Like any good golf caddy would do for a champion golfer, Crews guided Dan to go in a smarter direction. Dan listened and ended up protecting his family by securing a Monumental Whole Life policy AND a new Guaranteed Advantage Accidental policy from Mutual of Omaha.

Both policies were e-apps, so Crews used the client’s computer to send everything in on the spot. Crews was paid for his efforts within 48 hours!

“I love the Speed Leads,” Crews said. “Thanks for thinking that through Andy. The best part was that Dan lived less than one mile from my house! And I made it home just in time for our date night! It really makes you wonder how many people live within a mile radius that need the coverage but have not thought to respond yet!”

Luckily for Dan, that number is one less than it was before Crews followed up on that Speed Lead that led to him protecting Dan and his loved ones.

John F Myers


Here is the story on Kenneth and Joan C**…..

John MyersI received a SPEED lead (Term Life) last week, called it immediately, and booked an appointment (for the next day). I showed up the next day, and Kenneth let me in.  I talked with him for about twenty minutes, and I found out the reason why he had filled out the form. A week prior, he got into an argument with his boss of ten years, and he was fired. Sadly, he had tied his protection on his family to his employment, and his 100k in life insurance evaporated…He was now in panic mode.  Two days prior to finding us online, he sent in two applications to a competitor of ours that promised him GRADED coverage for two years with little to no cash value accumulation. After digging deeper, Mr. Kenneth also told me that he loved his family very much and that if he couldn’t find coverage, it would literally be devastating to his family if he died. He informed me that his wife Joan was very sick with Crohn’s disease, and his forty year old daughter, who lives with them, suffers from spina bifida.

By this time, the wife heard Kenneth and I talking for a while and she appeared from the back of the home and joined us at the kitchen table. I edified Mr. Kenneth in front of his wife for being a great provider for his family and for going to great lengths to find some type of protection to make sure that they would not be out on the street in a tragedy. I then proceeded to write up Monumental apps on Kenneth and his wife, Joan, who he said there was no way in the world she would get approved due to her Crohn’s disease and 20 other meds. Fast forward 3-4 days. Monumental APPROVED both policies LEVEL STANDARD!!!! Wow!!!!

Driving 3.5 hours on the way back from Mike Shless’ Boot Camp in Charlotte, NC last Friday, I had 2 of our new Team members in the car; Paul Andrew (Direct to me) and Marcus Taylor (Direct to David O’Donnell).  I asked them if they would like to hear me ,over the car’s speakers , call out on an approval,  (making money while you’re making money, while you’re making money) and of course they said “yes!” I then called Kenneth, and I’m telling you Andy, you would have thought it was scripted. I have never heard a client scream so loud! It about blew out my speakers! They were thanking me 1000 times over for showing up to their home and helping them out with this coverage and also to Andy Albright for sending them all those emails telling them that ‘Agent X’ was going to be calling them to help! Mission Accomplished!

From the bottom of my heart,

First:  Thank you Andy Albright for creating a great lead system that generates clients like this that appreciate us!

Second:  Thank you Andy Albright for teaching Mark Womack how to teach Andy Riddle how to teach Mike Shless how to teach me how to professionally and effectively help families like this out!!  Without this training, our Team and I would be sunk !!!


Jonn F Myers

Agency Manager

Kathryn Smith

Kathryn SmithI joined National Agents Alliance head, heart, body and soul after the Raleigh Convention in January of 2011. After 25 years as a six figure income Realtor in Phoenix, Arizona,  in 2006 as the financial markets sputtered and crashed so did my beloved real estate career. That was just the beginning of my Job experience as the losses mounted  within that following year including a marriage, home, car, and retirement through theft. The IRS then showed up on my door  after my then husband had failed to pay taxes. I am happy to report that it took some time but I resolved that issue with IRS satisfactorily. However,  the worst was yet to come. My son, Robert, had been a naval pilot and then U.S. Customs pilot involved in fighting the drug wars and cartel in Mexico.  He was in pursuit of illegal drug activity on the El Paso/Juarez border when his chopper was brought down and we buried him on Memorial Day of 2008. Finding the will to live after that took some effort but with my faith in God and His strength I did. The three years after that though were just survival mode. I kept searching for a new career opportunity and path when I saw a Craigslist ad which I thankfully responded to and met Chad and Melanie Ray. That was the NAA opportunity this year. After the convention I literally floated home thanking God for having brought to me what I believe to be the greatest business opportunity and leadership offered in the country today.

I am so blessed to have been given not only a second chance at my life because of Andy Albright and National Agents Alliance but it is also with a new vision of really making a difference in someone else’s life. I know the pain of that unexpected life changing phone call and to know that at least I can prevent a second tragedy of financial loss gives me a new passion,  motivation and reason to live again. I thank God everyday for the NAA people that have poured themselves into my life. And especially I can’t thank Andy enough!  I am a better person for having this new association with the best of the best, NAA.

Kathryn Smith

Challenge Yourself

Challenge YourselfIn recently speaking with some big producers at National Agents Alliance I was in a position to overhear some great ideas that motivate daily activity.  Remember, these are the agents who have already made the leader boards and have climbed the commission scales, so people listen when they speak.

The discussion centered on not only goal-setting but also how to incentivize the process.

Here is the process:  Write a contract with yourself that outlines the exact action steps you will commit to for the next week.  Follow that with an agreement with yourself that for each item on the contract that you fail to complete by the end of the week you will rip up two dollars.  Sign the contract, date it, and place it where you will see it multiple times a day.

What kinds of things do these leaders have on their “contract with themselves?”  They write out statements like “I will read one motivational book this week,” or “I will make three sales this week,” or “I will prospect for recruits for ten hours,” or “I will exercise four times.”  And then conclude with the most important statement:  “For each task I don’t complete I will rip up two dollars.”

Tearing up money is never fun and can be painful, but to be successful requires a competitive drive.  Successful people never like to lose.  They don’t like to finish in second place.  They’re good at setting a purpose, assigning a date for completion and following through to avoid any penalty for failure.

Many people set very lofty goals with a far-off deadline.  These contracts deal with short-term, only week-long goals with very specific activities; the little things that must be done regularly to achieve big results. All too often the “big” goals are put on hold. With this weekly program, you should place the contract all over the house and office, creating a visual reminder of what must be done daily.

Your reward for success will be higher production (and commissions!) and, for failure, immediate punishment (tearing up two dollars).  Leaders at National Agents Alliance love to compete and hate to tear up money, even if it’s only two dollars!  So, challenge yourself like the leaders do.  Devise your own game; compete with yourself, and you’ll see a rise in your level of motivation.

James Hadde

Even Babe Ruth had slumps, but he kept swinging for the fence!

Here at National Agents Alliance HQ we recently received an email from James Hadde that we wanted to share with you. Hadde had been in a major slump and was feeling frustrated about his business.

For roughly a month, Hadde couldn’t seem to do anything right. It got so bad that he decided to rearrange his office on the suggestion of an older Chinese gentleman.

Believe it or not … the fellow might have been on to something.

Hadde set four appointments … he closed on all FOUR!

Anybody can get lucky, right?

Next, Hadde drove to see a six-month old lead with no phone number. He closed again!

Sometimes things come in bunches, right?

One of Hadde’s new recruits, Joyce, brought him great news … she finally closed an appointment on her own without Hadde being in the home to help her.

When you’ve been in a slump for 30 days that could be called a windfall for many!

In one quick day, Hadde turned in five applications – the most in a week he had submitted since Jan. 23.

“That’s a long time, especially since I do it routinely and have gotten in the habit of it,” Hadde wrote. “This also will mark two weeks in a row that Joyce has turned in business. More wonderful was the drive by from a six-month old lead, but even better was one of my appointments was a lead that was more than a year old.”

An old lead? With Hadde’s recent run, he was on it!

His notes noted that it was a wife, whose husband was deployed for one year, but was coming home in February of 2012.

Hadde called the lead and set an appointment. He arrived to what appeared to be an empty house but opted to knock on the door just in case.

A Samoan kid that looked no more than 18 opened the door and looked like he had a rough night. After letting Hadde in, he asked about the wife. The man said he’s getting a divorce and that when he gets deployed again next month she will take the house over.

“I ask about his kids…with the wife living at mom’s house,” Hadde wrote. “He says that since she will get the house and the kids that I should talk to her.”

Another run of bad luck for Hadde? Maybe … maybe not.

Hadde called the wife and she asks that he come talk to her about coverage.

After more than a year of hanging on to the lead, Hadde helped protect the woman and her children.

Another home run for Hadde!

“Pretty cool,” Hadde wrote.”Pretty much proves that a lead is a lead is a lead. If people do not have protection in place, there is no better time than now.”

Hadde wasn’t done yet. He was running appointments in Maui last week and was moved to tears by a lead that read “TEXT ONLY.” He called the lead three times and a man answers the phone. He explains to Hadde that he is a co-worker of the lead and he answered because the lead is a deaf man, who can’t hear. He sets an appointment and finds out the client is a local Japanese man and his wife is deaf too. She also just happens to be from the same city in Japan that Hadde is from. She could only read and write in Japanese.

The deaf man breaks out a pad of paper and starts communicating with Hadde in Japanese.

The clients loved this. They use Japanese, English and sign language that eventually leads to Hadde writing a small policy for the deaf couple.

Before leaving, the deaf woman shared some handmade treat she had made for Hadde.

After spending four hours with the couple, Hadde had another success story to share, and he had made new friends.

“Even better is that they told me that they have never been able to get insurance (they are in their 60’s) because no one wanted to help them,” Hadde said. “They have one daughter and really want to leave something for her. I am happy to do this. The thought of helping these people goes right down deep into my heart and when I get to my car I start crying with joy, knowing that I love the job I have and cherish the ability to help people and change their lives even when other people don’t want to walk the extra mile and reach out only to the low hanging fruit.”

Another great story from your National Agents Alliance team members!  Thanks for sharing James, and keep swinging for the fence. Babe Ruth hit 714 home runs, but most forget that he also struck out 1,330 times in his career. Keep up the good work!

Customer Service and Repeat Buyers Begin with Empathy

Customer service is an integral part to sales, and ensuring that you will have repeat customers and positive recommendations and referrals. But, to have truly exceptional customer service, National Agents Alliance (NAA) reminds its sales force that “empathy” is the secret ingredient.

Empathize With Your ClientHaving empathy—the ability to identify with and understand somebody else’s feeling or difficulty—will help you connect with your customer and make them feel more comfortable and confident with you and your product.

CBS News reported that customer service empathy can be boiled down to five simple questions to ask yourself:

  • How does the person I’m trying to help feel?
  • How would I feel if I were that person?
  • No matter the request or the “rules,” is there something I can/should do to help?
  • What would I expect to be done for me if the roles were reversed?
  • In the end, what would make this customer satisfied or (better yet) happy, and is there any reason I can’t do it or find someone who can?

Our products at NAA Lifemortgage protection insurance, final expense insurance, mortgage disability insurance, spouse life insurance, term life insurance, tax free retirement and annuities—are of sensitive nature for some, who would rather not like to think of what may happen if their spouse or they themselves pass away. Having empathy with your customers and discussing the sensitive nature surrounding our services can help seal the deal.

With empathy and the right attitude, you’ll be selling more, have repeat customers and have people calling you to learn more about your products.

Are You Climbing the Right Ladder?

Climb the Right Ladder with National Agents AllianceWe often hear from people that say they are working their tails off to get promoted within the companies they work so hard for… only to find out when they finally get the promotion (to the top of the ladder) that they are disappointed that life is not what they thought it was going to be. In essence, their ladder was leaning against the wrong building. Why climb a ladder for years and years if you won’t be happy when you get to the top of it in the first place?

One should always consider the “end game” from the start. That is – what is it you are looking to accomplish through all of your hard work? If you invest countless hours and years of your life, will it ever give you your dream lifestyle? Will you ever own the business, or will that business own you? Your end game should be a business that affords you ample income and time freedom to live your life without limits. If this is not possible in your current career path, then it is time to rethink the path you are on. It only makes sense to decide on what END GAME you desire, then ask yourself honestly what career path will take you there.

National Agents Alliance is a diverse business with many types of agents and managers.  Occasionally, excuses are heard for not staying focused on doing the right activities – sometimes it can be difficult to maintain motivation when sales go through a rough patch. Or there could be a fork in the road…Folks may say they could not attend the weekly rotation meeting with some guests because their boss needed them at work.  This can be a difficult decision between making your boss happy (where you have a steady income) or climbing your ladder by building your business. Ultimately you must COMMIT to your business to have success, and nothing should get in your way and take you off track. Once you miss one meeting or one call, you open the door to allowing yourself to miss another, then another. Make your end game your priority, your mission. Let nothing keep you from your mission. Not a football game, a birthday party, a sore throat, or a hurricane. It’s a mission; it’s your mission.

So, the way to change your life, and climb the right ladder, is to align the end game you want in life with your National Agents Alliance mission. Take the steps to build your business foundation steadily, and once you have that solid foundation, commit!  Make your new mission as your #1 priority, and you are on your way to ultimate success with NAA.

The Latte Factor

The Latte FactorWith the great potential for creating wealth through a National Agents Alliance business no one should have cash-flow problems.  But we know some agents do.  Some have not yet learned to manage their money and are always living on the edge, waiting for commission checks so they can pay the rent.

Regarding increasing your profits, CEO, Andy Albright teaches a great lesson with a chart he calls “The Magical Movement of Lines.” The chart shows how gross revenue can grow without net profits growing too. Sometimes agents increase their gross income but their gross expenses rise as well, leaving no more net profit for them to enjoy. The sooner agents learn to control expenses, the sooner they’ll enjoy earning more profits.

One problem many people face has to do with what we call the “Latte Factor.”  Stopping at Starbucks every day, or in some cases more than once a day, to spend $4 or $5 on a coffee drink adds up, little by little, to eat away at an agent’s budget.  And it’s not just Starbucks…there are other little things, usually unnecessary, that people tend to waste money on, when, if they really thought about it, they could easily avoid.

At National Agents Alliance, our agents are encouraged to manage time by making calls while they drive, rather than stopping at the coffee shop for a refreshment and spending their time between appointments reading the newspaper or checking emails on their smart-phone.  If you add up the latte, the newspaper and a fast-food lunch, you can be spending $12 to $15 every day.  That could be as much as $300 a month ($3,600 a year).

When you pay for the latte, or the newspaper it doesn’t seem like much.  Throw in the lunch, add it up at the end of the day, figure out the monthly cost…now that’s a different story.

Andy Albright teaches agents to invest in their business.  Take that $3,600 and buy leads or spend the money on recruiting ads and spend a year building your business, watch it grow, and watch your income and profits grow, then you’ll have the time and money to enjoy a stop at Starbucks!

Brandee Johnson

Brandee JohnsonI received an October 2011 lead as a AA for a 91 y/o woman. I knew that we couldn’t help her but called anyway to verify her age. Her daughter who is her power of attorney confirmed her age, and once I disclosed that we unfortunately could not help her mom, she indicated that she still had about 5-6 people who were interested in a policy. So we arranged a time and date.

Lucky for me, yup, SHE STOOD ME UP!

From my initial call until now, I have spoken to this woman, who I later found out was a doctor, 25 times, and scheduled at least 8 more appointments that were all no shows!

Finally, last week I called her and gently apologized for missing one another. I made her aware that I could not continue to schedule appointments with her because when she misses an appointment I could be meeting with other families that needed protection. I guess that was the wrong thing to say because she said, “Well forget it then, Brandee, they just won’t get it!” and hung up on me.

Can you imagine how happy I was and how I wanted to call her back to say so many nice things to her? NOT!!!

I remembered training with my manager while driving back to MD from Boot Camp in NC. My manager taught us how to ignore the hang ups and to call back. So I took a few minutes, called her back and said, “Dr. Jacquelyn, I apologize, I lost reception in my office. So you were saying that you apologize for missing the appointment and we can reschedule for the 4pm or 6:45p time slot?” (I learned that quick time slot follow up by watching Jaime book appointments live). She replied “Brandee I can’t talk right now, I’m in the bank in VA for my mom, but I do apologize for not being where I said I would. Call me back tomorrow and we will reschedule.” So I agreed.

After this call I contacted my manager and informed him of how mad I was. He indicated I did the right thing but said to double book her the next time I scheduled an appointment with her.

Yes, here we go again. I’m calling to reschedule but this time she hasn’t answered her phone for 4 days.

On Thursday, March 22, 2012, at our group dial session I came to this lead. NO, I didn’t want to call, but I thought about those who needed my help, not Dr. Jacquelyn or her attitude. Still I called and she answered!

I said, “Dr. Jacquelyn, girl, we keep missing one another.” She said “Who is this?” and I replied, “Brandee”. She then asked when I would be back in the area, and I told her that I would be available on Friday and Saturday. She indicated that she was off Saturday for the entire day and that everybody who was interested in a policy would be at her house then too. I gave her two time selections and then we were set for Saturday, March 24, 2012 at 12:15 PM. I had probably repeated the date and time about 16 times when she indicated in a joking manner that she would slap me if I repeated it again. I told her “Well you only stood me up 100 times, just want to make sure you will be available.” She laughed and said she would see me then.

OK. Saturday arrives. It was a rainy day. I was depressed. I didn’t want to get out of bed and I wanted to reschedule this appointment with her. I got up went to softball practice, for energy sake, and then headed over to her house.

I knocked for about 10 minutes. NO ANSWER! I just stood there in the rain like a fool because I was truly upset, but just as I was contemplating driving my car through her garage door, finally someone came to the door! They completed a verification check of who I was and Whomp There It Is! I was in the house!

Immediately, Dr. Jacquelyn put me to work and when I finished at 8:40 PM just this past Saturday (March 24, 2012), I had 13 apps with a total of $16,013.16 AP and more referrals. OMG!

The Doctor even fed me because I was at her home all day, and yes I did eat, but we also have a shoe shopping date for next week! (Those who know me know how I feel about MY SHOES…LOL!) This is a huge testimony for so many examples we hear at National Agents Alliance, but the biggest one is to not give up. I made my first call for this lead on January 31, 2012. It took me 53 days to get this woman to truly commit to her appointment.

Looking beyond one’s self and getting the job done is a gift from God.

This couldn’t have happened to me at a better time. I am so grateful that my patience assisted so many people on Saturday.


One of my favorite quotes: “It’s not what you are willing to do that will make you successful. It’s what you are willing to do without until you get there.” – Daniel Waldschmidt

Keep working hard family. We do make a difference.

True Blessed Work In Progress,

TTFN (Tah Tah For Now)

Brandee with 2 E’s

Overcoming Frustration

Stress Reduction?Even the best of the best at National Agents Alliance often face frustration and feel like they just can’t get everything done.  Some days just don’t seem to go as planned and all the best intentions can’t right the ship that seems ready to tip over.

Step number eight in Andy Albright’s 8 Steps to Success tells us to always “Communicate with a Positive Mental Attitude,” but sometimes at 3:30 in the afternoon when the last hour was filled with complaints from team members and twenty consecutive calls where no one answered, it doesn’t seem possible to be positive.  With still 10 things to go on the to-do list, and the afternoon blahs setting in, you just feel like there is a 30-foot wall directly blocking your path.

At this time it might make sense to slow down. Instead of willing yourself to fight through it in a rush, do the opposite. Give yourself permission to take a 5- or 10- minute mental break.

Consider slowing down instead of speeding up. Our brain functions better and is more productive when it focuses on one particular task at a time. So, instead of beating yourself up to speed up and get more accomplished, focus on one goal, complete it and go on to another. Pick out the one most important task left on the list and see if you can get that completed. Remove the pressure of the long list of things to do.

Frustration comes from inside us and has more to do with attitude than anything else. Stop, think, and re-do your plan for the day. And don’t forget an important National Agents Alliance mantra: Have fun.

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