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Anthony & Natalie Balsano

Hello Mr. Albright,

My name is Anthony Balsano and my wife is Natalie.  We introduced ourselves to you Saturday night at convention when the band was performing.  We are the couple from New Orleans but have recently moved to Dallas this past July 1st, 2011 to work with National Agents Alliance and with the Scheitlins and the Lampe’s.  I went to the fall forward here in Dallas and joined NAA in November. My first month out I submitted a little over 26,000 in AP, then in December a little over 25,000…I would like to say thank you for the support and vision of everyone here at National Agents Alliance, as this Christmas was the best I have ever given to my family.

Natalie and I have 3 boys, Josh 13, Matt 10, and Derek 4…Let me just tell you, my family has been through so much over the recent years, every day we struggle trying to get our lives back together.  During convention, our first child (Cody) would have turned 19, unfortunately we lost him at age 5 due to Cancer. Then our family had to endure the loss of both of my parents in a short period of time, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away at age 56 then my father had a massive heart attack shortly after and we lost him too.

Now, less than 3 weeks after my father’s death, living in New Orleans, we experienced Hurricane Katrina.  My boys were very young 7 and 4, and Derek wasn’t on earth yet …lol But the time was scary, our house was totally destroyed, we lost everything we had worked for in life, all we had was the clothes on our back.  We had nowhere to go, I can remember sitting on the interstate in our vehicle crying and wondering why this happening to us, it was one blow after another.  All we needed was a break in life or something to get us motivated. We both have always excelled in our professions; Natalie has been a nurse for 18 years, and me an accountant, a medical sales rep, and 6 years of working on my own in the life business.

Well I am happy to tell you, as of Jan 1st, 2012…Natalie has quit the corporate world and has joined me to explode our business. In her first month, not knowing a thing, she has 6 new agents, 4 Fastracking now…we are motivated to changing our life.  With the leadership, enthusiasm, professionalism, and knowledge we gained this past weekend from convention, we feel blessed to be a part of you and your organization…National Agents Alliance!!!!

Thank You,

Anthony and Natalie Balsano

p.s. now that you danced with her a couple songs, she wants me to go get dance lessons…thanks a lot!!!

Veronica Ylipelkonen

Veronica  YlipelkonenMy husband and I are direct to Stephen Davies, and we had 11 people for the first time at Natcon2012!

I know conventions can change lives because it changed mine personally through Jane Albright- but I had no idea of the power that it could have on my team!

One of my team members, Cibelle Almada, came to Natcon2012 from Florida. She is a very shy and reserved person- I found her through a craigslist add and finally met her on a trip to Florida since all our communication for the first few months was on the phone. After I met her, we had a great connection and I noticed her change in the business. She started dialing, made her first sale, and was now very excited- but only about selling. Not excited about recruiting or building a business. She just wanted to pay off her student loans with the money she was going to make with National Agents Alliance.

I called her and pretty much made her sign up for Natcon2012 since she had to travel far and leave her family at home. I tried to explain what convention did for me, but it was really hard. Finally convinced her!

Long story short- we had to overcome a few obstacles literally a day before she was flying in- but things work out when you make them work out! So, she was able to come.

I cannot explain the difference I saw in this woman’s eyes, posture, speech and SPIRIT before/after convention. She came in a little shy and quiet, and left VIBRANT, full of life, excited, chatty, and just with a new spirit and energy I had never seen in her before!

She said to me at the after party on Saturday: “This is the most fun I have had in years!!!”- I am not exaggerating when I say that listening to her say that meant the WORLD to me! I had SUCH an amazing feeling for being able to get her there and having her feel that way. That statement was worth a million dollars for me.

She is now getting her husband involved- enrolled him on examFX, took him to a rotational meeting (she volunteered top pick up Adam Katz from the airport in Fort Lauderdale with her husband-how cool!!) and he is on BOARD! He has been working third shifts, over 14 hours each- “babysitting” over 200 people, and he is just sick and tired of it. She is now sending me names and numbers for people she wants to hire, her husband is talking to everyone he knows, and she has SUCH an incredible new sense of HOPE, LIFE, ENERGY- it is AMAZING!!!!

THIS IS WHAT THIS BUSINESS IS ALL ABOUT!!! I am SO grateful National Agents Alliance gave ME the opportunity to change this person’s LIFE just by plugging her in! HOW POWERFUL IS THAT???

I am SOOOOOO excited about her future now!!!

THANK YOU ANDY, JANE, STEPHEN and HOLLIE for making me a better person so I can bring life and hope to others as you have brought to my life!

I cannot wait to see what National Agents Alliance does for her family! HOPE is just the beginning of the rest of their lives!!!

What Are They Saying Before NatCon 2012?

National Agents Alliance National Convention
National Agent’s Alliance’s National Convention is a time for agents to come together and motivate one another with past success and gain a vision for the future. Thousands of agents across the nation have been impacted by this event….

National Agents Alliance National Convention Preview 1

National Agents Alliance National Convention Preview 2

National Agents Alliance National Convention Preview 3

Check out what these agents have to say…….

“Through Andy Albright‘s stories, I was really able to catch the big vision. It was very inspirational to hear the obstacles he and Jane overcame, the hard work and dedication to bring National Agents Alliance where it is today and where it is headed. It really caused me to search deeper within myself. ”
– Deb Kucera

“I feel like I can do this. I’m insanely motivated now to build an amazing business for myself and my family. I already see changes in my behavior, both personally and professionally since I arrived home, that I know were a result of being at this convention.”
– Kimberly Sutton

“I loved how they truly got the “nuts and bolts” of everything we need! This convention has given me the right tools to get out there get committed and help some families! I’m definitely going to the next one and all the ones after that! They get better every year! Keep up the awesome work National Agents Alliance!!”
– Sarah Toland

This year, make them most of the extra momentum; plan ahead and protect families in North Carolina during your stay!!

Seeing is Believing

Seeing is BelievingIn 1976, Bruce Jenner won the gold medal for the Olympic Decathlon, and became an instant hero to many. At that time, the Soviet Union was dominant in many Olympic events, and winning the decathlon was considered one of the most difficult feats because it is made up of ten different sports (100 meters, long jump, shot put, high jump, 400 meters, 110 meter hurdles, discus throw, pole vault, javelin throw, and 1500 meters). It’s no wonder the winner of the decathlon is dubbed the “World’s Greatest Athlete”.

After winning the decathlon, Bruce Jenner was invited to speak at the Million Dollar Round Table and thousands of agents came to hear him share his secrets of success. He shared the story of his victory at that event, and also in his book “Finding the Champion Within.”  But the key point that he puts forth is this: Every morning for the four years prior to the Olympic competition, before going out to train, he’d sit down on the sofa and for 30 minutes would vividly and emotionally visualize the victory lap he would run once he won the gold medal.

This concept has been used by athletes and others in all walks of life to achieve massive success. Do you see yourself as a winner with National Agents Alliance? Do you vividly and emotionally picture your success over and over again? Do you know what it looks like, feels like, sounds like, etc. when you first earn 6-figures, get promoted to Agency Manager? Can you hear the cheering of the crowd at the National Convention, feel your excitement as you and your spouse prepare to walk the stage, feeling the thrill of knowing that all the people in the audience want to hear your story, and to know your secrets?

Create your ‘victory lap’ with National Agents Alliance, and let it become a part of your day, every day. Make it a movie that plays in your head when you wake up, before you go to sleep and most importantly before you walk into your client’s house. Set it to music if you choose, and keep that song on your Ipod or in your CD player so you can go back to that vision over and over again.

Psychologists tell us that your subconscious cannot distinguish between a real event and one that is imagined over and over. So create a strong and emotional vision, and replay it over and over in your head. Then go to work, and your subconscious mind will make sure that all that you have imagined will come to pass.

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