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Anthony & Natalie Balsano

Hello Mr. Albright,

My name is Anthony Balsano and my wife is Natalie.  We introduced ourselves to you Saturday night at convention when the band was performing.  We are the couple from New Orleans but have recently moved to Dallas this past July 1st, 2011 to work with National Agents Alliance and with the Scheitlins and the Lampe’s.  I went to the fall forward here in Dallas and joined NAA in November. My first month out I submitted a little over 26,000 in AP, then in December a little over 25,000…I would like to say thank you for the support and vision of everyone here at National Agents Alliance, as this Christmas was the best I have ever given to my family.

Natalie and I have 3 boys, Josh 13, Matt 10, and Derek 4…Let me just tell you, my family has been through so much over the recent years, every day we struggle trying to get our lives back together.  During convention, our first child (Cody) would have turned 19, unfortunately we lost him at age 5 due to Cancer. Then our family had to endure the loss of both of my parents in a short period of time, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away at age 56 then my father had a massive heart attack shortly after and we lost him too.

Now, less than 3 weeks after my father’s death, living in New Orleans, we experienced Hurricane Katrina.  My boys were very young 7 and 4, and Derek wasn’t on earth yet …lol But the time was scary, our house was totally destroyed, we lost everything we had worked for in life, all we had was the clothes on our back.  We had nowhere to go, I can remember sitting on the interstate in our vehicle crying and wondering why this happening to us, it was one blow after another.  All we needed was a break in life or something to get us motivated. We both have always excelled in our professions; Natalie has been a nurse for 18 years, and me an accountant, a medical sales rep, and 6 years of working on my own in the life business.

Well I am happy to tell you, as of Jan 1st, 2012…Natalie has quit the corporate world and has joined me to explode our business. In her first month, not knowing a thing, she has 6 new agents, 4 Fastracking now…we are motivated to changing our life.  With the leadership, enthusiasm, professionalism, and knowledge we gained this past weekend from convention, we feel blessed to be a part of you and your organization…National Agents Alliance!!!!

Thank You,

Anthony and Natalie Balsano

p.s. now that you danced with her a couple songs, she wants me to go get dance lessons…thanks a lot!!!

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