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The Sharp Dressed Man

Sales guy and a tie.First impressions are everything in the world of sales! It really does play a factor in where your sale is going; and you know what they say about first impressions—they’re lasting impressions. It’s extremely difficult for many people to form a new opinion of you after the initial introduction. It sets the tone for the business meeting and whether or not this person feels confident in making a purchase from you.

“Dress for Success. Your personal appearance is a reflection of who you are,” National Agents Alliance CEO Andy Albright stated in his book, 8 Steps for Success.

It’s important to use your personal appearance to your advantage, because how you dress projects an image of your professionalism. Wearing dirty and ripped jeans, wrinkled shirts; sporting dirty nails and a three-day-old unkempt beard just won’t cut it; nobody trusts the salesman who looks like he’s been sleeping in his car for weeks!

Remember also that not only would a lack of grooming and use of a washing machine reflect poorly on you, it also reflects a negative image of National Agents Alliance. Our sales team is essentially the face of the company; YOU are who clients see when they do business with NAA. Your image is our image, and we expect all of our agents to not only conduct themselves in a manner that exudes a positive representation of the company, but also present themselves in the same way.

Other than your clothes, the most important accessory you should also be wearing is a smile! Having a smile on your face combined with freshly pressed attire is the perfect package when doing business. Remember: the packaging helps sell the product, and you are the packaging!

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