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Liar, Liar, Pants on FIRE! 6 Lies Sales People Tell Themselves

Sweet little liesEvery now and again we lie to ourselves, and sometimes we do it without even realizing it. Sales people are some of the biggest culprits of this, and eyesonsales.com has revealed some of the most common lies sales people tell themselves:


  • Sales Lie #1: “I could reach my quota if my company lowered their prices.”

No, just do some work on your sales technique. If you rely solely on price to close deals then you condition your customers to constantly push you for a larger discount or a better price.

  • Sales Lie #2: “I’ve got this deal in the bag.”

If a client tells you that they’re interested, that everything looks good and that they will get back to you in a few days, it doesn’t mean that the client is going to definitely buy from you.  No deal is guaranteed until the other person signs the agreement, gives you confirmation, or places the order.

  • Sales Lie #3: “The competition is always offering better prices.”

While some competitors will consistently beat you on price, the reality is that most companies are competitively priced. It’s a rare situation when a competitor will out-price you on everything you sell unless the products are different, eyesonsales.com says.

  • Sales Lie: #4: “If I don’t set a sales target I won’t be disappointed.”

By doing this, you’re basically saying that you don’t want to succeed and you don’t want to work hard. Top performing sales reps always set high, ambitious goals and their targets are usually higher than those set by their company. They use these goals to inspire and motivate themselves to achieve more.

  • Sales Lie: #5: “No one is buying.”

This is a huge misconception. Regardless of the economy, people still make buying decisions. They still make purchases. Stop wasting time thinking about the people who aren’t buying and find the people and companies who are buying!

  • Sales Lie #6: “I don’t need to practice my sales presentation.”

If you want to be a good salesperson you have to practice, because practice makes perfect. The best sales people seldom take their sales appointments and meetings for granted. They rehearse the questions they need to ask. They run through their presentation to make sure they have included the necessary details and that their presentation flows in a logical manner and that it addresses their prospect’s situation and/or needs.

NAA Wants To Know: Do You Use Any of the Top 5 Lame Sales Questions?

Hmmm?Asking the right questions will often determine whether or not you close the deal. But, some of these lame sales questions are killing your game.

According to LifeHealthPro.com, the following are the 5 lame sales questions you need to avoid, and why you should cut them out of your sales pitch index:


1. “What are your needs?” Really? You seriously think this question separates you from your competitor? Using this question automatically turns you into an order-taker, not a sales-maker.

2. “Are you the decision-maker?” Although there is nothing technically wrong with this question, it usually results in a yes response. A more effective way to get this information is to ask, “Who else do you normally consult with on decisions of this nature?”

3. “What is your budget?”  Many people haven’t established a budget or don’t know what to budget for a particular purchase. Do them and yourself a favor and focus on exploring their problems and presenting a solution that addresses those issues and budget becomes less of a concern.

4. “Do you want to save (money/time/other lame benefit)?”  Don’t insult my intelligence. Enough said.

5. “Do you want this (whatever feature)?” I don’t even know what that feature is. How can I possibly tell you if I want it? Oh, wait! If I say that, then it gives you the opportunity to start talking about your product. Now I get it…

National Agents Alliance wants to know if you have accidentally made one of these question blunders. Comment below!

So You Think Times are Tough?

Sometimes when you think you’ve made a great presentation and you’re ready to start filling out the app, the prospect seems to have a change of heart.  Seemingly out of nowhere a new objection pops up and you end up driving away empty-handed while wondering what just happened.

Since every sales person, at one time or another, has faced this situation, agents working with National Agents Alliance will undoubtedly have to deal with a similar disappointment.  It’s easy to get discouraged because you just made a great presentation, showing the prospect how they could protect their family, and, for some reason, they just didn’t get it.

The same discouragement can happen when you’re making your dials and appointment setting isn’t going so well.  Some days it just seems like the only word you hear is “no.”  It’s a great time to remember step eight in Andy Albright’s 8 Steps to Success – always have a positive mental attitude.

Jackie RobinsonHere’s something else you could use to help in the situation when you think things are really tough and you want to get down on yourself.  In a recent article about Major League Baseball’s 5th Annual celebration honoring Jackie Robinson, the author pointed out the difficulties Robinson faced.  Sixty-five years ago Robinson broke the color barrier in major league baseball, and it turns out that he became one of the most important civil rights figures in the long battle for equality.  Robinson’s heroics in the struggle to integrate baseball are legendary, and he faced many difficult trials and tribulations and disgraceful behaviors from many of the fans.  Hitting a 95 mph fast ball is one of the most difficult tasks in all of sports, but can you imagine doing it under the extra pressure that Robinson faced?

On the day of this annual celebration all the major league players wear the uniform number 42, which was Robinson’s number.  So any time in your day-to-day activities of running your National Agents Alliance business when you feel discouraged and under pressure to succeed, think about Jackie Robinson.  Maybe you should put the number 42 up where you can see it.  It might just change your perspective about how much pressure you’re really facing.

The Sharp Dressed Man

Sales guy and a tie.First impressions are everything in the world of sales! It really does play a factor in where your sale is going; and you know what they say about first impressions—they’re lasting impressions. It’s extremely difficult for many people to form a new opinion of you after the initial introduction. It sets the tone for the business meeting and whether or not this person feels confident in making a purchase from you.

“Dress for Success. Your personal appearance is a reflection of who you are,” National Agents Alliance CEO Andy Albright stated in his book, 8 Steps for Success.

It’s important to use your personal appearance to your advantage, because how you dress projects an image of your professionalism. Wearing dirty and ripped jeans, wrinkled shirts; sporting dirty nails and a three-day-old unkempt beard just won’t cut it; nobody trusts the salesman who looks like he’s been sleeping in his car for weeks!

Remember also that not only would a lack of grooming and use of a washing machine reflect poorly on you, it also reflects a negative image of National Agents Alliance. Our sales team is essentially the face of the company; YOU are who clients see when they do business with NAA. Your image is our image, and we expect all of our agents to not only conduct themselves in a manner that exudes a positive representation of the company, but also present themselves in the same way.

Other than your clothes, the most important accessory you should also be wearing is a smile! Having a smile on your face combined with freshly pressed attire is the perfect package when doing business. Remember: the packaging helps sell the product, and you are the packaging!

Dogs Only Bark At Moving Cars

Have you ever heard that old saying?  We all know it’s true and real producers at National Agents Alliance understand they’ll never achieve their dreams being a “parked car.”

Are You a Leader?Leadership is about action and setting an example, and leaders know they live under a microscope, but have the courage to handle the scrutiny anyway.  The pack will only travel as fast as the leader so leaders can’t rest on past laurels, and they know that every single day requires them to set their sights on new and bigger goals.

Leaders never fear change, and in fact live by the understanding that if you can’t handle change you’d better go look for something that is very safe and secure, like a job.  They fight stagnation by getting out in front and doing everything it takes to get the job done, never expecting followers to do anything they wouldn’t do themselves.  In short, leaders are accountable.

This accountability is one of a leader’s most unique traits and is so important that it is one of Andy Albright’s 8 Steps to Success. Followers copy everything a leader does.

Leaders also raise up new leaders, not being afraid of being replaced at the top.  Every improvement they make to the organization makes them more valuable, and every time someone becomes more valuable in the marketplace they earn more money.

The leader learns quickly, in developing these new leaders, to not be attached to every person, and constantly watches for telltale signs like fear, doubt, and negativity that will infect a group and retard growth.  The effective leader has the courage to “weed out” the naysayers and divert time and attention to the eventual super stars, again attracting followers by assertive action.

You cannot lead from behind and National Agents Alliance is always creating new leaders who will get out in front of the crowd, men and women who have a big vision of the future. There is another old saying that describes why you have to be in front to be the leader and to be able to see the horizon:  “Unless you’re the lead dog the view never changes.”

To lead you must leave the parking space!

Are You Climbing the Right Ladder?

Climb the Right Ladder with National Agents AllianceWe often hear from people that say they are working their tails off to get promoted within the companies they work so hard for… only to find out when they finally get the promotion (to the top of the ladder) that they are disappointed that life is not what they thought it was going to be. In essence, their ladder was leaning against the wrong building. Why climb a ladder for years and years if you won’t be happy when you get to the top of it in the first place?

One should always consider the “end game” from the start. That is – what is it you are looking to accomplish through all of your hard work? If you invest countless hours and years of your life, will it ever give you your dream lifestyle? Will you ever own the business, or will that business own you? Your end game should be a business that affords you ample income and time freedom to live your life without limits. If this is not possible in your current career path, then it is time to rethink the path you are on. It only makes sense to decide on what END GAME you desire, then ask yourself honestly what career path will take you there.

National Agents Alliance is a diverse business with many types of agents and managers.  Occasionally, excuses are heard for not staying focused on doing the right activities – sometimes it can be difficult to maintain motivation when sales go through a rough patch. Or there could be a fork in the road…Folks may say they could not attend the weekly rotation meeting with some guests because their boss needed them at work.  This can be a difficult decision between making your boss happy (where you have a steady income) or climbing your ladder by building your business. Ultimately you must COMMIT to your business to have success, and nothing should get in your way and take you off track. Once you miss one meeting or one call, you open the door to allowing yourself to miss another, then another. Make your end game your priority, your mission. Let nothing keep you from your mission. Not a football game, a birthday party, a sore throat, or a hurricane. It’s a mission; it’s your mission.

So, the way to change your life, and climb the right ladder, is to align the end game you want in life with your National Agents Alliance mission. Take the steps to build your business foundation steadily, and once you have that solid foundation, commit!  Make your new mission as your #1 priority, and you are on your way to ultimate success with NAA.

The Latte Factor

The Latte FactorWith the great potential for creating wealth through a National Agents Alliance business no one should have cash-flow problems.  But we know some agents do.  Some have not yet learned to manage their money and are always living on the edge, waiting for commission checks so they can pay the rent.

Regarding increasing your profits, CEO, Andy Albright teaches a great lesson with a chart he calls “The Magical Movement of Lines.” The chart shows how gross revenue can grow without net profits growing too. Sometimes agents increase their gross income but their gross expenses rise as well, leaving no more net profit for them to enjoy. The sooner agents learn to control expenses, the sooner they’ll enjoy earning more profits.

One problem many people face has to do with what we call the “Latte Factor.”  Stopping at Starbucks every day, or in some cases more than once a day, to spend $4 or $5 on a coffee drink adds up, little by little, to eat away at an agent’s budget.  And it’s not just Starbucks…there are other little things, usually unnecessary, that people tend to waste money on, when, if they really thought about it, they could easily avoid.

At National Agents Alliance, our agents are encouraged to manage time by making calls while they drive, rather than stopping at the coffee shop for a refreshment and spending their time between appointments reading the newspaper or checking emails on their smart-phone.  If you add up the latte, the newspaper and a fast-food lunch, you can be spending $12 to $15 every day.  That could be as much as $300 a month ($3,600 a year).

When you pay for the latte, or the newspaper it doesn’t seem like much.  Throw in the lunch, add it up at the end of the day, figure out the monthly cost…now that’s a different story.

Andy Albright teaches agents to invest in their business.  Take that $3,600 and buy leads or spend the money on recruiting ads and spend a year building your business, watch it grow, and watch your income and profits grow, then you’ll have the time and money to enjoy a stop at Starbucks!

Overcoming Frustration

Stress Reduction?Even the best of the best at National Agents Alliance often face frustration and feel like they just can’t get everything done.  Some days just don’t seem to go as planned and all the best intentions can’t right the ship that seems ready to tip over.

Step number eight in Andy Albright’s 8 Steps to Success tells us to always “Communicate with a Positive Mental Attitude,” but sometimes at 3:30 in the afternoon when the last hour was filled with complaints from team members and twenty consecutive calls where no one answered, it doesn’t seem possible to be positive.  With still 10 things to go on the to-do list, and the afternoon blahs setting in, you just feel like there is a 30-foot wall directly blocking your path.

At this time it might make sense to slow down. Instead of willing yourself to fight through it in a rush, do the opposite. Give yourself permission to take a 5- or 10- minute mental break.

Consider slowing down instead of speeding up. Our brain functions better and is more productive when it focuses on one particular task at a time. So, instead of beating yourself up to speed up and get more accomplished, focus on one goal, complete it and go on to another. Pick out the one most important task left on the list and see if you can get that completed. Remove the pressure of the long list of things to do.

Frustration comes from inside us and has more to do with attitude than anything else. Stop, think, and re-do your plan for the day. And don’t forget an important National Agents Alliance mantra: Have fun.


At National Agents Alliance teamwork is known as the ultimate competitive advantage.

NAA TeamworkOur leaders understand leverage and know that teamwork can multiply the efforts of each individual.  Teamwork is taken very seriously by everyone, because they know that half-hearted efforts never get the job done.  Trust is developed through working together and every team member knows they can count on each other.

With everyone having this attitude, the organization can maximize potential, productivity and results.  A synergy is created where the results obtained are more than the sum of the parts.  An individual cannot create synergy; it takes two or more people working together to achieve a common goal.

Our CEO, Andy Albright promotes teamwork and unity through enthusiastic cooperation where everyone gains from the team effort.  At NAA, working together is not optional; it’s a way of life.  We believe all our organizations can be great.  It comes down to making the decision to be great.  We believe united teams are strong, effective, and efficient, and produce exponentially greater results than individuals or divided teams can produce.

The top organizations at National Agents Alliance create the best teamwork.  They believe in “all for one and one for all.”  They believe in the acronym T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More.

Do you want your organization to sell more and recruit more quality agents?  Do you want your organization to create break-through results you’ve never achieved before?  Do you want the ultimate competitive edge?  Promote teamwork.  Promote team unity.  Watch the results soar!

Being Professional

The biggest business-builders at National Agents Alliance are the ones who learn to “Show The Plan” in the most professional manner.

Being ProfessionalIt doesn’t take an agent long to learn that leverage is the key to building a great income and lifestyle.  Knowing that you can’t do it alone, and understanding the need for associating with high-quality professionals underscores the absolute reality that your ability to present yourself, and the great business opportunity we have, in a highly professional way will separate you from the mediocre in the industry.  It can be the difference between making $500 a month and $50,000 a month.

Long after the hype and pizzazz often employed in opportunity meetings, the prospect has to be convinced that the business model is solid and enduring, and that it’s something he or she can and wants to do.  Business proposals frequently leave out some important factors during the presentation, the most important of which is what the prospect wants.

CEO Andy Albright knows what the real professional is looking for and has spent the last ten years developing the premier business model.  Following his motto of “Have Fun, Make Money, and Make a Difference” the National Agents Alliance opportunity gives the true professional exactly what they are looking for:  a fulfilling mission that allows them to earn an exceptional income, free time and an incredible lifestyle, and a culture where everyone has fun in the process.

With that said, it’s now incumbent on all agents to present this great business to prospects in a way that elevates National Agents Alliance above the crowded field.  Following the typical recruiting practices can bring you plenty of new agents, but you may be disappointed in their quality and longevity in the business.  It’s hard work to recruit and train new people and you want only the best in your agency.  Learn from the leaders how to “Show The Plan” properly and professionally, avoid excess hype, and watch your business grow exponentially.  Remember that how you do your presentation teaches your new agent how to do the same!

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