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Chris Sawyer of National Agents Alliance

I joined National Agents Alliance in Oct, in Asheville; Stephen Davies agency, just before I wanted to go to Maine to surprise my son for his 26th birthday. He was in trouble with his marriage (he has a two year old daughter) and his house was facing foreclosure as he had been unemployed for some time. After I arrived I realized he was in much more serious trouble than he had let on. He was in with the wrong crowd (again) and having some serious drug problems. His wife wanted to leave him. While I was there I stayed with my ex and learned the ExamFX course.

During my time there I shared a CD with him that was given to me by my recruiter, Gerry Seymour, of Stephen Davis speaking in general about life changing ideas and practices during what I think was the 2009 convention. My boy was not really receptive to my admonishments, no matter how loving I tried to deliver the message, but that one CD gave him the resolve to put his head down and make a sincere effort to change his life. His marriage is healed, he quit the drugs and is actively searching for a mentor of his own in order to better his life. He never was a great student and I could not at this time even consider getting him into the business. He remarked to me the other day, "Dad I thought that CD was only about making money when I first heard it, but now I know it’s about much more than that."

I have yet to sell my first policy, I have only been dialing a couple of days and just got E&O; still in the contracting process. If I never do another thing for National Agents Alliance it has been the best thing to ever happen for our family in years.

I am looking forward to this being the tool that will help us save the farm here in Asheville. I am coming off 13 years of social security disability to start this new career. I hope to have a few good years left in my life to spend with the ‘team’.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart…. all of you.

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