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A Story About a Man Named Jerry

Final Expense Insurance CoverageMy name is DeAnna Kerby, and I joined National Agents Alliance in the middle of October in 2011 under Jeff Ryan/Scott Rumbo/Holly Rogers.

My motivation for getting involved was simple – I had witnessed what my grandmother went through when my grandfather died without any life insurance in place, and I didn’t want anyone else to go through that.

This past weekend, I had several leads that I had not been able to get in touch with. I took Saturday and drove to Wichita Falls, Texas, about two hours away from my house, and utilized the “sorry I missed you” stickers. Of the nine I left, seven called me back. One in particular is why I’m sharing my story.

A man named Jerry had reached out to us back in August regarding securing final expense coverage, but he hadn’t included a phone number. When he called me back, we talked and he believed he was not insurable at all due to his health. I returned to his home Sunday morning, and we got him covered with Presidential.

Folks, the look of RELIEF on his face was clearly evident, and it touched my heart. This is why I started doing this!

Jerry’s policy won’t be the biggest one I ever write, but for me it will definitely always stand out as being one of the most important.

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