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Debbie Benn #1 Mutual of Omaha Producer for NAA!

Debbie BennHard work and dedication does pay off, like National Agents Alliance insurance agent Debbie Benn recently found out when she received a personal email from Mutual of Omaha’s Brokerage Life Sales Director Brent Bench for being the #1 NAA producer.

Brent Bench wrote, “On behalf of myself and all of us at Mutual of Omaha, I would like to thank you for your dedication and commitment to Mutual of Omaha.  Once again, you are our #1 NAA producer in personal production and….we still have 3 months go to in 2012.”

To show their appreciation for everything that she does Mutual of Omaha is sending her a little something special. She will be receiving a package filled with treats, like a one of a kind Mutual Omaha coat that no one in the nation has; two Mutual of Omaha shirts, a suede portfolio, and Waterman pen.

During Benn’s time with the Alliance, her hard work and dedication has also made it possible for her to participate in Mutual of Omaha-NAA Pheasant Hunt; as well as vacations to Atlantis, Punta Cana, and will be joining the Alliance on the 2013 Aruba trip with the insurance carrier.

Congratulations, Debbie Benn! All of us at the Alliance are so proud of you and your dedication to the business and the team! Keep it up!

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