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Debbie Key Knows Importance of Sharing the Opportunity

In October 2009, Debbie Key and her family purchased their first home. A few months later, the family received a letter in the mail regarding mortgage protection.

Key’s sister and brother-in-law, who lived two streets over, also expressed an interest in mortgage protection. Both families filled out the information and mailed it back in.

An agent met with Key about various products, but never mentioned the opportunity to help protect families with National Agents Alliance.

“I was looking for an opportunity at the time, but who thinks about life insurance?” Key said.

“The agent never mentioned the opportunity to me, and now I now see that it was National Agents Alliance. This realization has opened my eyes to the importance of sharing – at least mentioning the opportunity to everyone that invites us into their home.”

Key only wishes she had found out about National Agents Alliance sooner.

“If I had started this business in 2010, who knows where I would be?” Key said. “If we’ve overlooked someone, reach back and contact them – there’s still a chance that they are looking for the thing that will change their family’s future.”

Key is a mother, works a full-time job in addition to part-time work with National Agents Alliance and she is plugging into the system. She consistently writes business, attended National Convention with her two daughters (who are in the process of earning their licenses) and is coachable.

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