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What Are They Saying Before NatCon 2012?

National Agents Alliance National Convention
National Agent’s Alliance’s National Convention is a time for agents to come together and motivate one another with past success and gain a vision for the future. Thousands of agents across the nation have been impacted by this event….

National Agents Alliance National Convention Preview 1

National Agents Alliance National Convention Preview 2

National Agents Alliance National Convention Preview 3

Check out what these agents have to say…….

“Through Andy Albright‘s stories, I was really able to catch the big vision. It was very inspirational to hear the obstacles he and Jane overcame, the hard work and dedication to bring National Agents Alliance where it is today and where it is headed. It really caused me to search deeper within myself. ”
– Deb Kucera

“I feel like I can do this. I’m insanely motivated now to build an amazing business for myself and my family. I already see changes in my behavior, both personally and professionally since I arrived home, that I know were a result of being at this convention.”
– Kimberly Sutton

“I loved how they truly got the “nuts and bolts” of everything we need! This convention has given me the right tools to get out there get committed and help some families! I’m definitely going to the next one and all the ones after that! They get better every year! Keep up the awesome work National Agents Alliance!!”
– Sarah Toland

This year, make them most of the extra momentum; plan ahead and protect families in North Carolina during your stay!!

Eggleston’s Change Outlook, Marriage by Attending National Agents Alliance Events

Success StoryAdam and Sydney Eggleston faced a crossroads in December of 2010 when they had a “fierce conversation” in the couple’s basement in Tacoma, Washington.

Sydney wasn’t happy with Adam or their marriage. The couple had started dating in high school, got married and had two children. Life was supposed to be better than this … for both of them.

Adam said he had lost his dream and he knew he had to find something different to do with his life. After surfing the Internet, Adam ran across an ad that stood out to him. The ad was posted by Chris Long, who was looking to hire more people. Adam listened to an audio file of Long talking and Adam said he felt like he had found the change he sought.

“I went to National Convention in Jan. 2010 and it put me over the top,” Adam said of NAA’s event in Raleigh, N.C. “It was serious and I was fired up. Listening to (Alex) Fitzgerald and Chris Long and all the different leaders talk about their stories and their struggle and the way they were edifying their wives really speaking highly of them and what they did to create this dream life for their family made me decide that I wanted to be that. I wanted to be that person that creates a dream life for my family. I wanted to fight and I wanted to have a dream again.”

Sydney recalled that she didn’t even care that Adam was traveling cross country to go to the National Agents Alliance event. She just knew she wasn’t happy and she wanted a divorce. She didn’t feel like Adam cared anymore.

“I thought it was fine, at least he’d be gone,” Sydney said. “He called me throughout the conference and told me he wanted to fight, he told me it changed his life, that he wanted to renew his commitment to his marriage and I said, ‘yeah right, whatever. From a conference? What kind of conference are you at?’ He came home and he continued that commitment and for the first time he said, ‘I want to fight for you, I don’t want to lose you and I have a dream and this is what I want to do and I believe in it. You won’t believe the people that I met that really care about their wives, about their families.’ I said I don’t care if Andy (Albright) wants you to walk on your hands or stand on your head every day, we’ll follow him wherever he’s going.”

With the change underway, Sydney decided she would attend the July Leadership Conference with her husband. It changed her life. She said hearing Jane Albright speak at her women’s seminar helped her better understand what she needed to do to help her husband.

“I don’t care if you have to beg, borrow, steal or donate plasma,” Sydney said of making it to the January 2012 National Convention. “(Do) whatever you have to do to get there. It will change your life. It will change your family.”

Sydney said her husband went from working out of their basement and having no life to him to being a better father and husband seemingly overnight. He fought to save their marriage and woke up excited about working and helping families.

“He talks about dreams and he talks about going places,” Sydney said. “He’s on fire. He’s crazy about what he’s doing.”

Adam had been working with National Agents Alliance on a part-time basis, but that changed when Sydney found a job in Charlotte that offered full benefits for the Egglestons and their two children – Hayden and Sophia. Adam quit his full-time work and the couple moved to North Carolina two months ago.

The couple visited NAA headquarters for the first time on Dec. 21 to appear on The Wednesday Call Live with Andy Albright.

Adam said people thinking about attending National Convention need to make a commitment and get there without making excuses.

“It has put us on the same page and reconnected us,” Adam said. “We are optimistic about our future now and we don’t just go through the motions. Our marriage was in trouble and we lost our dream, now we have something that we are fighting for.”

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Using Video, Audio and Event Training to Your Advantage

National Agents Alliance offers plenty of training tools to make sure our agents succeed and build the foundation for a great business.  NAAtv has pages upon pages of video and audio training that provide you with in-depth training from our President & CEO Andy Albright and our top Agency Managers.  Let’s face it if you don’t take the proper steps to grow then you won’t grow.  Determination and motivation are key to moving toward your dreams for success.  The resources to help you get there are right in front of your face you just have to utilize them to your advantage.

Andy AlbrightHotspots are also a great way to associate with the top managers and get that knowledge you can’t get from reading a book.  It is always a plus when you can talk to somebody face to face and observe body language from our top managers.  Finding out how they communicate will allow you to duplicate and use to increase your sales and recruits.

Making the right choices for your business should always be at the top of your list.  There is plenty of training to guide you through it.  NAAtv provides you with all of these tools so make sure you check it out and use it to your advantage.  Make sure you’re on conference calls, following the 8 Steps, asking questions and always stay involved.  By listening to the training material National Agents Alliance provides you, you will have a successful business but most of all a successful life.

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