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McGraws Inspired by National Agents Alliance Fall Tour Event

When John and Barbara McGraw attended the Baltimore, Md. Fall Tour event on Oct. 23-25, it was their first event and experience with National Agents Alliance at a large event.

“It was awesome,” Barbara McGraw said. “Motivating, fun, insightful and powerful. And, greatest of all, it was inspiring.”

McGraw described the three days as non-stop, action-packed learning and fun. She and her husband also enjoyed the optional worship service on Sunday, which she said is rarely offered by companies in this day and age of political correctness.

McGraw said the event offered hope in a time when so many are out of work, beaten down by the economy, losing their homes and dealing with the negativity so prevalent in the world today.

McGraw said hearing speakers like Andy Albright, Tim Goad, Alex Abuyuan and Alex Fitzgerald was empowering.

“Andy was funny, as always, while he put his message across,” McGraw said. “People were motivated … make that fired up!’”

McGraw and her husband have had their share of ups and downs professionally, but feel like National Agents Alliance is the outlet the couple has needed for so long. McGraw said James Hill’s testimony at the President’s Club Night Owl reminded the McGraws of the hurdles they’ve faced over the years with their careers.

“While we are not strangers to being knocked down, we always got up and said, ‘OK, what will we do next?’” McGraw said. “But this last knock down slammed us so hard on the mat that I saw no hope for recovery. Given our (young-in-heart) ages, given the economy, given the joblessness, given that we live out in the country (which we love!), how are we to survive … how did we end up in such a bad place? If I could only get my nursing degree, I could work until I’m 80 to support us …”

All that changed when John McGraw got a call from Marshall Wayland, telling him about National Agents Alliance. Skeptics at first, the more the McGraws, who are both in their early 60s, saw, the more they heard, the more they researched, the more they began to feel hope come back into their lives. Slowly, the McGraws realized the world was beginning to have color in it once again, where for so long it had only been in black and white.

The other thing that Barbara McGraw found again was laughter. Not other people laughing, but herself.

“It was me laughing,” Barbara McGraw said. “Whoa!  I used to laugh a lot. The piggy bank my sister had given me that said, ‘Barb’s dreams’ began to not be so painful to see on the shelf. For so long I felt all my dreams had been used up and there were no more to be found; Barb’s dreams were gone!  But now … now there is oxygen in my blood, a sincere smile on my face, I laugh, I dream and I dance with my granddaughter! And I say to God be the glory! He is using me … and He was all along … but now not only will I be able to give of my time, but I will be able to support in a much larger way through my offerings. Guess you can say I will be able to ‘put my money where my mouth is.’”

The McGraws found a new family and a new lease on life through National Agents Alliance. McGraw said she is thankful to be able to truly laugh again. She is inspired by the National Agents Alliance team and she is ready to grow again.

“Thank you for making this opportunity,” McGraw said. “Whooo Hooo! I am fired up, ready, willing and able! Thank you, God! And, thank you, Andy Albright! I commend you and all your leaders of like mind and spirit, for not being ashamed to speak of the glory of God.”

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