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IntegrityAre you looking for a competitive advantage that many people often overlook?  It’s not about how tall you are or how well you dress for appointments; it’s not related to where you went to school or the degree you earned; and it’s not about time management or any special skills you’ve developed.

It’s something we know about, but few have truly mastered: integrity.  It goes right with step seven in Andy Albright’s 8 Steps to Success, “Be Accountable.”

Don’t you think that integrity and honesty are a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace? We have all sat in homes where a salesperson came before you and spoiled things and spawned distrust by not telling the truth, by exaggerating benefits and costs, and promising the impossible.

Put yourself in the client’s shoes. If you were buying insurance or investing in a retirement program, would you want to do business with someone who was honest and forthright about where they were putting your money? Would you want them to be straight-forward about the fees being charged?  Wouldn’t you like to know how they do business?

I guess the answer is obvious, but we also know that some of our competitors will take any shortcut just to make a sale.  It seems like integrity and honesty are in shorter supply in the 21st century, but at National Agents Alliance we know the secret to keeping business on the books centers on delivering what we promise, and more, if possible.  We know that if a client is not happy with us they will cancel their business, and we also know chargebacks hurt.

At National Agents Alliance we still cherish the lessons we learned from our parents.  We all remember hearing, “If you tell the truth you never have to remember what you told someone.”

Leaders will do what it takes to make their business and their team successful. They also accept that there will be hurdles and sacrifices to be made, but when they choose to lead, they choose to pay that price. The reward comes best in the form of integrity, and satisfaction in doing things right.  That also leads to more income!

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