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James Hadde

Even Babe Ruth had slumps, but he kept swinging for the fence!

Here at National Agents Alliance HQ we recently received an email from James Hadde that we wanted to share with you. Hadde had been in a major slump and was feeling frustrated about his business.

For roughly a month, Hadde couldn’t seem to do anything right. It got so bad that he decided to rearrange his office on the suggestion of an older Chinese gentleman.

Believe it or not … the fellow might have been on to something.

Hadde set four appointments … he closed on all FOUR!

Anybody can get lucky, right?

Next, Hadde drove to see a six-month old lead with no phone number. He closed again!

Sometimes things come in bunches, right?

One of Hadde’s new recruits, Joyce, brought him great news … she finally closed an appointment on her own without Hadde being in the home to help her.

When you’ve been in a slump for 30 days that could be called a windfall for many!

In one quick day, Hadde turned in five applications – the most in a week he had submitted since Jan. 23.

“That’s a long time, especially since I do it routinely and have gotten in the habit of it,” Hadde wrote. “This also will mark two weeks in a row that Joyce has turned in business. More wonderful was the drive by from a six-month old lead, but even better was one of my appointments was a lead that was more than a year old.”

An old lead? With Hadde’s recent run, he was on it!

His notes noted that it was a wife, whose husband was deployed for one year, but was coming home in February of 2012.

Hadde called the lead and set an appointment. He arrived to what appeared to be an empty house but opted to knock on the door just in case.

A Samoan kid that looked no more than 18 opened the door and looked like he had a rough night. After letting Hadde in, he asked about the wife. The man said he’s getting a divorce and that when he gets deployed again next month she will take the house over.

“I ask about his kids…with the wife living at mom’s house,” Hadde wrote. “He says that since she will get the house and the kids that I should talk to her.”

Another run of bad luck for Hadde? Maybe … maybe not.

Hadde called the wife and she asks that he come talk to her about coverage.

After more than a year of hanging on to the lead, Hadde helped protect the woman and her children.

Another home run for Hadde!

“Pretty cool,” Hadde wrote.”Pretty much proves that a lead is a lead is a lead. If people do not have protection in place, there is no better time than now.”

Hadde wasn’t done yet. He was running appointments in Maui last week and was moved to tears by a lead that read “TEXT ONLY.” He called the lead three times and a man answers the phone. He explains to Hadde that he is a co-worker of the lead and he answered because the lead is a deaf man, who can’t hear. He sets an appointment and finds out the client is a local Japanese man and his wife is deaf too. She also just happens to be from the same city in Japan that Hadde is from. She could only read and write in Japanese.

The deaf man breaks out a pad of paper and starts communicating with Hadde in Japanese.

The clients loved this. They use Japanese, English and sign language that eventually leads to Hadde writing a small policy for the deaf couple.

Before leaving, the deaf woman shared some handmade treat she had made for Hadde.

After spending four hours with the couple, Hadde had another success story to share, and he had made new friends.

“Even better is that they told me that they have never been able to get insurance (they are in their 60’s) because no one wanted to help them,” Hadde said. “They have one daughter and really want to leave something for her. I am happy to do this. The thought of helping these people goes right down deep into my heart and when I get to my car I start crying with joy, knowing that I love the job I have and cherish the ability to help people and change their lives even when other people don’t want to walk the extra mile and reach out only to the low hanging fruit.”

Another great story from your National Agents Alliance team members!  Thanks for sharing James, and keep swinging for the fence. Babe Ruth hit 714 home runs, but most forget that he also struck out 1,330 times in his career. Keep up the good work!

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