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Lead Performance Team Offering Classes at NAA War Parties

The Lead Performance Team works hard to create and distribute leads to you every day, but they’re also busy trying to make sure that all agents understand National Agents Alliance’s sophisticated lead system. They offer classes during NAA’s events to educate agents about where leads come from, what the lead types are, and how to purchase those leads.

If you haven’t taken the Introductory Lead Class yet, the Lead Performance Team is offering the clLead Performance Teamass in four cities during next week’s War Parties for only $29! See the list below for the dates and locations:

  • September 9th– Boston, Massachusetts (9 – 11 a.m.)
  • September 10th – Phoenix, Arizona (9 – 11 a.m.)
  • September 11th – St. Louis, Missouri (8:30 – 10:30 a.m.)
  • September 11th – Burlington, North Carolina (9 – 11 a.m.)

The Introductory Lead Class will help you gain a concrete understanding of the lead system and the leads themselves. It’s a great way for new agents to learn how leads are created and how they roll to become different types of leads. You’ll also learn the best ways to navigate the website to become a more successful agent.

During the class, you’ll receive a manual full of valuable information that you can always refer back to. There will be other extras offered during the class, but you’ll have to sign up to find out what they are!

If you’re interested in attending a class, please email Alison Shytle at ashytle@naaleads.com or call her at 336-227-3319 extension 1308. We can’t wait to see you there!

The Alliance ready to host Leadership Conference at Burlington headquarters

BURLINGTON, N.C. – The final touches are being put in place at National Agents Alliance headquarters as staff members prepare to host agents from across the United Sates for the “Get Your Ship Together” Leadership Conference July 12-14.

For months, NAA has diligently worked to give its headquarters a makeover that has included numerous renovations to accommodate The Alliance’s best and brightest from around the country.

“We are ready for members of The Alliance to come hang out for the weekend at our headquarters where we have created a home-court advantage for our team,” National Agents Alliance President and CEO Andy Albright said Thursday. “We’ve made major upgrades, opened up more floor space and have spared no expense to make this event the biggest we’ve ever hosted in Burlington. I think our agents are going to be blown away by the upgrades to our facility.”

Pre-event activities include a Lead Certification class hosted by NAA’s Lead Performance Team and a free annuity training seminar with annuity specialist Matthew Rettick. The event officially kicks off on Friday at 1 p.m. and concludes Sunday around 1 p.m. Vendor booths and the NAA store will be open throughout the weekend.

The three-day event will feature The Alliance’s top agents, delivering training and inspirational stories from stage. The weekend will also offer a lecture from Alamance Community College’s Jeff Bright, musical entertainment from The Goads and a keynote address from Andy Albright.

“The weekend promises to be informative, educational, uplifting and fun,” Albright said. “People are going to leave this event with a new focus and we think this event will serve as a springboard to bigger things for our team for the rest of 2013.”

National Agents Alliance, founded in 2002, recently hit two major milestones by surpassing 1 million submitted applications and 100 billion in submitted coverage via its multiple trusted partners like Mutual of Omaha, Foresters, Columbian Financial Group, Monumental Life, Fidelity & Guaranty, Baltimore Life, Kemper Senior Solutions, ING, etc.

For more information on National Agents Alliance, please visit www.NAALeads.com and www.NationalAgentsAlliance.com.

Eric Lardie Love this Opportunity!

What an outstanding week this has been!!

Sheryl & I received an invitation to the Albright Board Member School and we traveled down from Michigan to attend.

We spent Friday afternoon at the home office with The Lead Performance Team, President’s Club, and the ABTF. Friday evening we received an invite to the Albrights home!  A jammed pack evening with food and refreshments with NAA’s top leaders!

While we were in North Carolina, we associated with Stephen & Hollie Davies as much as we could, and we picked up a few leads too.

  1. On Tuesday we ran business in Burk County, and we wrote five applications!  Later, we conducted interviews and contracted 2 new agents.
  2. On Wednesday we were able to spend time with Kevin & Nancy Davies!
  3. Thursday we attended the Asheville Rotational Meeting with Stephen Davies, Fitz, & Gina Hawks!  The Night Owl for Presidents Club was fantastic!
  4. Friday, we attended the Davies Group Bootcamp and assisted in some training.
  5. Saturday we ran appointments again, and we wrote another 6 applications and 1 annuity!!

We are working on our business, recruiting and covering families…Love this opportunity!

Thank you National Agents Alliance & Staff, Andy for creating and constantly improving this phenomenal system and Stephen for the coaching and mentoring.

Eric Lardie
-hired by Stephen Davies
(Detroit Rotational Meeting)

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