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Speed Lead Helps Crews Help Man Get Coverage

Mickey and Joanna Crews with Jon GordonMickey Crews snagged a Speed Lead for a man named Dan on May 7. Crews called several times and finally reached Dan on May 17. Crews was getting an oil change on his vehicle when he set the appointment with the gentleman.

Crews quickly referenced the email series the gentleman received from NAA President and CEO Andy Albright, which Dan remembered seeing and acknowledged that he had filled out his information and sent it in.

“I told Dan that Andy is a goofball and that he calls me ‘Agent X,’” Crews said. “That really solidified that I was an agent and not just some telemarketer.”

Crews said the man didn’t really want anybody to come to his home, but did want quotes. Crews said that Andy Albright believes that a person can die any day and because of that, Crews had to come see him as fast as possible so he was covered. Crews also told the gentleman to reply back to Andy if he got more emails so that it was clear that Crews was doing his job.

“I explained that as ugly as I am, I am still better than a needle or medical exam,” Crews said. “(Dan) laughed and booked the appointment for the next day. I explained that Joanna (wife) and I always have date night on Fridays at six, so we would have to move fast during our 5:30 appointment.”

When Crews arrived at the man’s home, he saw a mobile home park with a bunch of unmarked concrete slabs where people park their mobile homes. Crews called Dan and he came outside to meet him.

The gentleman requested $200,000 in term coverage. He was 66 and single and told Crews about his daughter, Cynthia and two grandchildren – Savannah and Giovanni – who live in New York. He wanted coverage for their sake.

Dan had suffered a heart attack five years prior, so Crews knew he would not be able to place a term policy on his client.

Like any good golf caddy would do for a champion golfer, Crews guided Dan to go in a smarter direction. Dan listened and ended up protecting his family by securing a Monumental Whole Life policy AND a new Guaranteed Advantage Accidental policy from Mutual of Omaha.

Both policies were e-apps, so Crews used the client’s computer to send everything in on the spot. Crews was paid for his efforts within 48 hours!

“I love the Speed Leads,” Crews said. “Thanks for thinking that through Andy. The best part was that Dan lived less than one mile from my house! And I made it home just in time for our date night! It really makes you wonder how many people live within a mile radius that need the coverage but have not thought to respond yet!”

Luckily for Dan, that number is one less than it was before Crews followed up on that Speed Lead that led to him protecting Dan and his loved ones.

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