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Attracting the Next Generation of Producers for Your Team

Generation X & YThe future is now and that means finding sharp, young people from generations X and Y, which will require a different approach than many would expect from the insurance and financial industry of years past.

How do you do that with National Agents Alliance?

You think with the same mindset as Gen X and Y rather than about who you are and how your company has viewed things in the past.

New recruits are going to be more diverse than the people who run your operations now and they will be different than the industries that support producers.

Going younger means producers in the field now are not just older but they are cut from a different cloth. They won’t think like those who have been in the field. They will not want to be like older producers. They will not want to operate like those before them either. They have a totally different skill set.

What does all that mean?

It means you have to adapt to the recruiting base with National Agents Alliance… quickly. You’ve got to find a commonality to at least establish a good rapport with those who don’t think like you do.

There is a void coming in terms of producers in the insurance industry. If you can’t adapt and figure out how to make room for new thinking, it’s likely your National Agents Alliance team will stunt its own growth. It’s very likely that new recruits are not going to be insurance people first.

Young producers are coming at a time when the economy – overall – is less than stellar. They are looking for something they can believe in. They are not going to blindly trust what you tell them. Reaching different demographics is going to vital for those agency managers who want to take their business to the next level.  At the end of the day, it is still about finding those who want to train, put forth solid effort and aren’t afraid to work hard. Finding them, however, will not be as easy for those used to recruiting traditionally.

There is a huge wealth transfer taking place in the United States with Baby Boomers retiring and the money has to go somewhere. Finding agents to service the clients is as important as it has ever been. That hasn’t changed at National Agents Alliance.

Offering Gen X and Y the chance to set their own hours and schedules can be very attractive to a new recruit. Helping others and being part of a meaningful team is also desirable for young people. That’s the job that insurance can afford the younger agents looking to get started. They might not want to enter the insurance field, but those other factors could sway them in that direction. If you can create an atmosphere where young people know they will be successful and enjoy a great lifestyle, then you are on the right track. All they need to do is be open to training, willing to work and do the work. Out of five recruits, three likely will not make it. The two that do will do so because they work hard and apply the tools National Agents Alliance gives them to succeed.

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