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The Thoughts of Successful Leaders

SuccessFor many people just the simple fear of failing is enough to keep their ambitions in the shadows and their dreams on hold, which leaves them full of apprehension to actually go after those goals that could lead to their success.

While these negative thoughts will put you on track toward failure, it’s a positive mindset that will increase your chances of success.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, the following four tips will help promote a positive mindset that will help you overcome negative thoughts and grow your business:

  1. Trust that you’ll adapt to new challenges: You must face each challenge and uncertainty with confidence. If you focus on your abilities and your knowledge, reassuring yourself that you can handle whatever is thrown you way you’ll be less likely to feel overwhelmed.
  2.  Attribute your success to hard work, not luck:  Successful people absolutely believe that all their achievements are because of hard work and not just the luck of the draw. Because of this they are more confident in their abilities and will seek out and preserve through tough challenges, which only leads to greater chances of further success.
  3.  Believe that you are unique:  It’s important to stay true to who you are, and not attempt to be the next “Donald Trump.”  You must champion your individuality, and only learn from the people that you admire—not try to become them. Embrace and empower yourself through your own strengths, allowing you to stand out in the crowd on your own terms.
  4.  Challenge your negative beliefs:  Negativity is the kiss of death to your ambitions. If you really want to succeed you must remove the negativity from your life and embrace the positive in every situation. You must challenge any negative thoughts by reminding yourself of your strengths, your goals, and that you will succeed if you work for it. Only when you truly believe in yourself is when you’ll reach success.

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Debbie Benn #1 Mutual of Omaha Producer for NAA!

Debbie BennHard work and dedication does pay off, like National Agents Alliance insurance agent Debbie Benn recently found out when she received a personal email from Mutual of Omaha’s Brokerage Life Sales Director Brent Bench for being the #1 NAA producer.

Brent Bench wrote, “On behalf of myself and all of us at Mutual of Omaha, I would like to thank you for your dedication and commitment to Mutual of Omaha.  Once again, you are our #1 NAA producer in personal production and….we still have 3 months go to in 2012.”

To show their appreciation for everything that she does Mutual of Omaha is sending her a little something special. She will be receiving a package filled with treats, like a one of a kind Mutual Omaha coat that no one in the nation has; two Mutual of Omaha shirts, a suede portfolio, and Waterman pen.

During Benn’s time with the Alliance, her hard work and dedication has also made it possible for her to participate in Mutual of Omaha-NAA Pheasant Hunt; as well as vacations to Atlantis, Punta Cana, and will be joining the Alliance on the 2013 Aruba trip with the insurance carrier.

Congratulations, Debbie Benn! All of us at the Alliance are so proud of you and your dedication to the business and the team! Keep it up!

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The Top 4 Life Insurance Misconceptions

Which Way to Go?When it comes to family and loved ones, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Life has a way of throwing curve balls when least expected—sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re bad. This is exactly why families should always be prepared for the worst, but hope for the best. In preparing for the worst, life insurance is the way to create a safety net for a family.

While many people choose to forgo this dreary discussion due to their lack of understanding or uneasiness of approaching such a gloomy subject, it’s one that can save a home and a family from reaching the depths of poverty.

As a team member with National Agents Alliance, it’s important to know of and be able to properly dispel misundertandings concerning life insurance for your clients.  To help clear up some of these items and help consumers to better understand life insurance, LifeHealthPro.com has dispelled some common misconceptions surrounding this valuable asset.  See if you know these and how to handle them:

Misconception: Maintenance is not required.

This isn’t something you purchase then file away in the cabinet until you need it years later. It is something that needs to be evaluated and updated as life begins to change. For example, a husband and wife in their early 20s will need to update their policy as they begin having children and purchase a house.

Misconception: Life insurance is only for those who are married with children.

This is not true. In fact, many young single and savvy people start their financial plans early on and choose products that will pay dividends later on. In fact, whole life insurance policies appreciate over time, so it may make financial sense to invest in a life insurance policy now.  The premiums are likely lower, as opposed to later in life when the costs go up and don’t have the same value as an older policy.

Misconception: There are no financial benefits for the living.

Whole life insurance offers many benefits that can help those who are still living. With whole life you have the option to borrow against it, borrow on the policy’s cash value for retirement needs, use as a down payment on a first home, pay college tuition or pay down debt.

Misconception: Employers will make sure employees are covered.

Life insurance isn’t always a perk that an employer provides their employees. Even if your employer does include life insurance in your benefits package, that could change over time. Economic circumstances could force an employer to reduce coverage or eliminate plans altogether, which could create gaps in coverage. It’s always a good idea to have your own policy to ensure that all the bases are covered.

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No Guts, No Glory: How to Earn a Gold Medal in Business With The Albright Challenge

The Albright ChallengeEvery four years the world becomes captivated by the world’s greatest athletes, who compete and fight for the coveted gold medal in the Olympic Games. The world watches in awe as Olympic greats like Michael Phelps, who won multiple events in the 2012 London Olympic Games became the “most decorated Olympian” of all time; to inspiring gold medalist Gabby Douglas, who left her family at a young age to move across the United States to train with some of the world’s best gymnastic coaches, we were all taught a lesson that glory doesn’t come without sacrifice, hard work, dedication and the will to succeed.

The glory, which comes in the form of an Olympic medal for the athletes, is something everyone is fighting for, whether it is in the Olympics or in life.

We may not become great athletes, but we can all become one of the “greatest” in the arena of life. The 2012 London Olympic Games have taught us many things can we can transfer into our daily lives to help us achieve great success.

Olympians were willing to give up everything, including attending a regular school, leaving their families and spending countless amounts of money and hours on training in order to reach their dreams. They essentially breathed, slept and lived their respective sport.

Above all, they listened and learned from others. They had coaches, mentors and advisors that helped them grow from a sub-par athlete to an Olympian.

If you want to reach new heights, achieve your goals and become successful, you have to listen and learn from others who are smarter than you.  If you want to make it to the top, you need to set a goal and do everything in your power to making that dream become a reality.

If you want to win the gold medal in your own life, there’s work that needs to be done and that begins with The Albright Challenge.

“We say that it takes YOUR WORK to make the DREAM WORK and the only thing that is holding you back is you. All you have to do is commit to developing the mindset of a winner, set your goals and chase them down. Winners make the decision, and then the commitment, then they take action and have persistence,” explains Andy Albright, the man behind The Albright Challenge. “If you make the commitment today, in just 90 days you can literally make your tomorrow better than your today and reach unbelievable heights in both your professional and personal lives.”

So what is the 90-day challenge?

Andy Albright, the President and CEO of National Agents Alliance, has consulted with the top leaders and motivational speakers like international bestselling author Brian Tracy and former Florida Marlins manager Jack McKeon, to create a goal setting program that can help you make your dreams become a reality. With daily videos, Albright will help train and coach you into becoming an Olympic athlete of the business world. Using his tools and guidance, you too can earn that gold medal in life.

Now is the time to make a decision to change your life, just visit www.albrightchallenge.com to get started on the path to glory.

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Team Building or Crazy?

Some of The Alliance’s corporate leadership went on a little team building “exercise” on Aug. 2.

On a field covered with various obstacles and terrains just outside of Burlington, N.C., people from different worlds engaged in a “fierce competition” that few would return from unscathed.

By day’s end, there were marks on every combatant, but the real story was the smiles on the faces of team members from The Alliance.

Why would grown men embark on such a mission at Paint Ball Central? To learn better teamwork and because it’s fun! C’mon, who doesn’t love paintball?

The NAA team’s goal was to build camaraderie between various departments in an effort to strengthen the cohesion of an already tight staff.

The result?

Mission accomplished!

No animals were harmed in this video, but some welts were left on NAA staff that chose to shoot paint balls at each other during the three-hour “exercise.”

Special thanks to Andy Albright for allowing our team to take part in what turned out to be an amazing day of team building.

It was an event where all the different worlds of the National Agents Alliance corporate office collided in an epic show of athleticism and several very embarrassing moments for most. The result was a more aligned sense of pride in what others do to make The Alliance a finely-tuned machine. It was also a reminder that most of us are NOT going pro in anything related to athletics!

Highlights of the event can be seen in this video, shot by AMP Studios. Look closely and see if you can spot people you know from The Alliance!

You’ll laugh, some of us cried when hit and we all had fun! We hope you enjoy watching this.

Stay tuned … The Alliance is just getting started!

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Banks to Take Over Life Insurance Sales?

Save the Piggy Bank!Is the banking industry poised to take over life insurance? According to a new study by LIMRA, that could be the case as 13 to 46-year-olds are more likely to seek life insurance policies through their banks.

The study found that Generation X (ages 33 to 46) and Generation Y (ages 13 to 32) are more receptive to buying life insurance from their bank than buyers of the boomer and silent generations. Only one-third of boomers and members of the silent generation say they would seek life insurance through their banks.

In addition, 7 in 10 consumers that indicated they would consider purchasing life insurance from a bank are interested in simple products, while only one third of high-net-worth consumers would consider purchasing a more complex life insurance product from their respective bank.

In fact, a periodic LIMRA study discovered that awareness of bank-sold life insurance has reach 54 percent.

“Growing up in a post-Graham-Leach-Bliley environment, the younger generations are open to receiving a broad spectrum of products and services from their bank,” says Patrick Leary, assistant vice president, LIMRA distribution research to LifeHealthPro.com. “We also know these consumers are more likely to need life insurance than older generations. In addition, many of these younger consumers have no existing relationship with a life insurance agent or financial advisor…”

As part of the National Agents Alliance team, it’s important that, as a life insurance agent outside the banking industry, you target the younger generations and begin forming relationships with them. It may pay off in the future when they turn to you for their life insurance needs over their bank.

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Turning the ‘NO’ into a ‘YES!’

No to YesThe word every salesperson hates to hear—“NO!” For commission-based salespeople, this means you’re not coming home with the bacon tonight. Most often the skeptical clients already have the word “no” rolling off their tongue before you even have the chance to introduce yourself, let alone get the first word of your sales pitch out.

There’s no doubt that being rejected stings and deflates egos, but there are ways in which you can improve your tactics in order to change the “no” to “yes.”

Fox Business has revealed some tips on what to do after you have been rejected by a potential client:

  • Reevaluate your approach: If you are getting rejected by client after client, the problem may be in your approach. If you are attacking your potential client with several open-ended questions while examining them for vulnerabilities that you can use to sneak in and close the deal, you’re likely turning them off and intimidating them. It’s important to keep sight of the humanity in your potential client; talk to them, listen and fully understand what is that THEY are seeking to gain out of this appointment.
  • Ask to speak again: Cold calling is arguably one of the most feared activities by salespeople. But, if someone tells you that they’re “not interested,” ask them if you call them again in the future; and you’ll be surprised how many people say “yes” and give you a time frame. You never know what the prospect client has going on at the time, and simply just doesn’t have the time to talk to you right now.
  • Ask for feedback: Don’t be afraid to ask your client what went wrong. Make sure they know that you are not trying to sell them again—you want to know for your own personal use. Let them know that you are just seeking to improve on what you do and you would like honest feedback, whether it was delivery, price, product features (or lack thereof), etc.

Lastly, it’s important to remember to not lose your focus and drive due to a few rejections. All of us here at National Agents Alliance have heard “no” at some point, the key is to take each one as a learning lesson and move on to the next client!

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9 in 10 Consumers Don’t Know About Life Insurance Companies’ Retirement Products

Insurance Products for RetirementAre you doing your job as a life insurance agent? I don’t mean making dials or selling policies, part of your job is also to educate your clients on the different products available for their retirement needs.

But, unfortunately it seems that this has slipped by the wayside as nearly 9 in 10 consumers worldwide have little or no awareness of the retirement products offered by life insurance companies, new research reveals.

According to Accenture, 62 percent of consumers have little awareness of retirement products offered by life insurance companies, while 24 percent are not aware at all and 24 percent stated that they have a “good awareness.”

Those who reported to have little to no awareness, 45 percent said it is because they have never received “simple information on retirement from any life insurer.”

This is a big deal because according to the study, 82 percent of consumers are concerned about their post-retirement finances.  Furthermore, 71 percent of consumers believe that government planning will not allow them to continue their current state of living following retirement.

In fact, 29 percent reported that they plan to invest in life insurance to address their retirement needs.

It’s important that all of National Agents Alliance team members take the time to educate your clients about annuities and other retirement products that are available to them. They are seeking options, so make sure you offer them the information in order to make an informed decision. Going above and beyond can mean repeat business and prompt them to seek your services when they are ready to make retirement plans.

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North Dakota Life Insurance Agent Faces Felonies, Jail Time for Stealing Client’s Money

The Hammer of JusticeNot all life insurance agents are created equal, some like to go veer from the path of integrity and take advantage of unsuspecting clients, who truly need their help. A report from InsuranceNewsNet.com has revealed just what could happen to unscrupulous life insurance agents and the repercussions that can follow.

A North Dakota insurance agent is facing multiple felonies and jail time after he allegedly swindled a client’s money in order to pay off his credit card and purchase gold coins.

The 54-year-old Dickinson, N.D. insurance agent Scott Biggs allegedly withdrew $30,000 from a client’s trust account without the client’s knowledge or consent on Sept. 11, 2009.

Red flags were raised after Biggs told his client that the IRS had frozen his accounts when he attempted to withdraw money from them. In addition, Biggs also refused to provide documentation of the IRS’ involvement.

Officials reported that Biggs is accused of issuing two cashier’s checks from the client’s savings account, in which the first check was for $23,522 to pay Biggs’ credit card. The second check was written for $5,805, which was used to purchase three gold coins.

Biggs has been charged with four Class B felonies, which each carrying a penalty of up to 10 years of jail time and a $10,000 fine. He was also charged with on Class C felony that can result in five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

The client’s identity is being withheld.

The Southwest District Judge Zane Anderson prohibited Biggs from conducting insurance business and must get a court approval to leave the state.

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How You Can Achieve the ‘American Dream’

The Albright Challenge - Free TrialThe American dream; it’s the reason our ancestors left their homelands, why people today still immigrate to the U.S., and it’s the underlying foundation of what our country stands for—freedom. Our freedom allows us to dream big, think big and achieve even big things.

But, those big dreams and aspirations seem to always end up in a holding pattern. “Oh, when life isn’t so busy I’ll have time to start my own business;” “When the kids are in school, I’m going to get my degree,” or “Next year, I’ll get on that project I’ve been putting off,” are common excuses that get in the way to achieving your goals.

We’ve all been there. We make excuses with good intentions, but for one reason or another our goal has never been accomplished—and it’s OK, life happens.

One way to get out of that rut is to accept The Albright Challenge, which can help you break free from your holding pattern and help your realize your dreams.

The Albright Challenge will get your butt in gear and help you map out exactly what action steps you need to make in order to reach your goal. In just 90-days, with the guidance of multimillionaire and President and CEO of National Agents Alliance, Andy Albright, you can reach your full potential both personally and professionally.

With endorsements from international bestselling author and motivational speaker Brian Tracy, and former professional baseball manager Jack McKeon, who managed the Florida Marlins to winning the 2003 World Series, you know this is the real deal.

Just visit www.albrightchallenge.com to sign up for a FREE trial and see for yourself!

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