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How to be More Positive at Work

More Positive at WorkYour overall value at work is dependent on a few different factors: your work quality, your attitude and your work ethic. In order for the factors to all be present, it’s important for you to maintain a positive attitude in everything you do – both at work and in your personal life.

You cannot move forward and do positive things if you do not have a positive attitude. It’s as simple as that. Being positive about simple things can totally change your perspective – if it rains, be thankful for the relaxing weather, rather than cursing the sky for getting you wet as you run into the grocery store. Starting with simple thoughts like this can totally change your world and your potential for success.

We’ve got a few tips to help you develop a more positive mindset in the workplace:

  1. Measure yourself by your own standards– You are your own person and are capable of the things you believe you are capable of. Other people accomplish other things, based on what they believe they can do and how hard they push themselves. Comparing yourself to others for any reason other than gaining inspiration is useless. Don’t compare yourself to others and think of what a failure you are – find inspiration in what others do, but seek to reach your goals and your standards of success.
  2. Don’t worry about things you can’t control– Much like you can’t control the weather, there are many things you cannot control in the workplace. While you can control some things and you have a huge potential to make a difference with your determination and hard work, you have to accept the things that you cannot change. For instance, you cannot change the attitude of that annoying co-worker who grates on your nerves, so you have to accept that you may just not be close work friends. However, you do have control over your attitude, how to treat that person and how you react to the way he treats you. You can let his behavior roll off your back instead of letting him get under your skin. Find the things you can control and make positive, and accept and let go of the things you cannot.
  3. Remember that you are in charge of your happiness– If you are not happy, make changes in your life so that you will be happy. If you are unhappy because you want to be making more money, work harder and move to the top. You have control over how hard you work and how happy you are. If you are struggling with personal things that are making you unhappy, make the conscious decision to be happy. Don’t let yourself bask in your unhappiness. Work hard and move forward. No one ever said success was easy – but being happy certainly makes success easier to attain!

Remembering and applying these ideas to your life will help you develop a more positive attitude. With a more positive attitude, you will find that you are happier and more successful in your personal and business experiences. You will also become an inspiration to those around you, especially in the work place.

Cindy Ray, Helping Those in Need

Last year I had an enrollment at a small family owned grocery store in the town where I live.  I knew the couple that owned the store through a local gathering place we both frequented.  They were kind enough to allow me to supply their 10 to 20 employees with supplemental insurance option plans, one of which being a cancer policy that paid cash to the client.  At the time, I was also trying to assist the owner with processing claims for his deceased mother.

During the enrollment, I met with one of his daughters.  She had just moved back to the area with her little girl.  She decided on taking out a life policy and a cancer policy. She intended to get married in the near future so she went ahead and took a family cancer plan to cover her and her daughter that would pick up her husband when they got married.

About 3 months after the enrollment, the couple that owned the grocery came over to my table at the oyster bar that we frequented.  Kenneth told me that he had not had much luck with his mother’s old life policies yet, but that he would be forever grateful to me for signing his daughter up for the family cancer plan because it had been such a blessing to the family. His 4 year old granddaughter had been diagnosed with lung cancer 2 to 3 months after they took out the policy.  His daughter never in her wildest dreams imagined that her 4 year old would get cancer of any kind.  The money helped them tremendously.  The little girl is still fighting for her life, but I understand that at the moment she is improving from her last battle.

I truly believe the Good Lord put me in front of her mother to help her.  I only hope that I can help others.  It is a wonderful feeling to be able to help a little girl’s family like that in such a terrible situation.  I have always said that life would be wonderful if we could only decide what the Lord wants us to do with everything that he puts in front of us every day!


Cindy Ray

Manchester, TN

The Importance of an NAA Agent

Importance of InsuranceThere was a tragic news story one weekend about a young man and his infant son being killed in a car accident…got me thinking about how important life insurance really is and how agents with National Agents Alliance make a difference every day.

I don’t know the family mentioned above, but I couldn’t help but think about this widow, and the incredible difficulty she is now facing this particular day in her life.

Does she have bills? A mortgage? Other children to support? We know she now has two funerals to pay for, a car to replace, and possibly other unexpected expenses. Not only has the family lost an income earner, but she will probably miss a considerable amount of time from work herself. No doubt, the coming year of her life will be extremely difficult dealing with such an immense loss.

But how will she be face the financial challenges? Will she have to turn to her friends and family to pay for funerals? Will she be overwhelmed with bills and face foreclosure and bankruptcy? Or will the tragedy of this moment be tempered by the fact that her husband loved her enough to make sure that her financial needs were met, no matter what? Will the memory of her husband be intertwined with the financial hardship he left behind or with a secure financial future so she can begin to mend her broken heart?

As you meet with your prospects, remember how important your role is to the family you are sitting with. Every family you meet with needs what you are offering. Young people need insurance while their rates are low, and they are insurable. Families need insurance to protect one another and to pay the bills.  Baby boomers and beyond need insurance to leave a legacy to those they love.

Our team at National Agents Alliance must always keep this in mind when you are meeting with a family: life insurance is a necessity for everyone you meet. Your satisfaction comes with knowing you have done everything in your power to protect families, and when you do that, everyone involved will sleep better that night.

John F Myers


Here is the story on Kenneth and Joan C**…..

John MyersI received a SPEED lead (Term Life) last week, called it immediately, and booked an appointment (for the next day). I showed up the next day, and Kenneth let me in.  I talked with him for about twenty minutes, and I found out the reason why he had filled out the form. A week prior, he got into an argument with his boss of ten years, and he was fired. Sadly, he had tied his protection on his family to his employment, and his 100k in life insurance evaporated…He was now in panic mode.  Two days prior to finding us online, he sent in two applications to a competitor of ours that promised him GRADED coverage for two years with little to no cash value accumulation. After digging deeper, Mr. Kenneth also told me that he loved his family very much and that if he couldn’t find coverage, it would literally be devastating to his family if he died. He informed me that his wife Joan was very sick with Crohn’s disease, and his forty year old daughter, who lives with them, suffers from spina bifida.

By this time, the wife heard Kenneth and I talking for a while and she appeared from the back of the home and joined us at the kitchen table. I edified Mr. Kenneth in front of his wife for being a great provider for his family and for going to great lengths to find some type of protection to make sure that they would not be out on the street in a tragedy. I then proceeded to write up Monumental apps on Kenneth and his wife, Joan, who he said there was no way in the world she would get approved due to her Crohn’s disease and 20 other meds. Fast forward 3-4 days. Monumental APPROVED both policies LEVEL STANDARD!!!! Wow!!!!

Driving 3.5 hours on the way back from Mike Shless’ Boot Camp in Charlotte, NC last Friday, I had 2 of our new Team members in the car; Paul Andrew (Direct to me) and Marcus Taylor (Direct to David O’Donnell).  I asked them if they would like to hear me ,over the car’s speakers , call out on an approval,  (making money while you’re making money, while you’re making money) and of course they said “yes!” I then called Kenneth, and I’m telling you Andy, you would have thought it was scripted. I have never heard a client scream so loud! It about blew out my speakers! They were thanking me 1000 times over for showing up to their home and helping them out with this coverage and also to Andy Albright for sending them all those emails telling them that ‘Agent X’ was going to be calling them to help! Mission Accomplished!

From the bottom of my heart,

First:  Thank you Andy Albright for creating a great lead system that generates clients like this that appreciate us!

Second:  Thank you Andy Albright for teaching Mark Womack how to teach Andy Riddle how to teach Mike Shless how to teach me how to professionally and effectively help families like this out!!  Without this training, our Team and I would be sunk !!!


Jonn F Myers

Agency Manager

Get More From Your Day Just Through the Words You Use

Attitude is EverythingDo you find some days just never seem to produce as much as planned or hoped?

Experts studying the mind have found through their research the reason for lower production on some days can be as simple as the words you use.

Let’s examine.  What is your response when someone asks something as innocuous as, “how are you doing?”  Do you say, “over-worked and under-paid,” or “not too bad?”  How do you think the brain responds to such dreary responses?

We all know people who constantly complain, saying things like, “my boss is a pain in the neck,” or “this project is nothing but a big headache.”  What do you think is attracted by those types of words?  It doesn’t necessarily bring on an immediate headache but these words and attitudes have an effect on our overall health, and not in a good way!

Think about the opposite attitude.  Think about that friend who is always upbeat, who has a sunny, “everything’s great” attitude.  He or she answers the how are you question with, “couldn’t possibly be better!”  Or “if I was any better I’d have to be twins.”  That attitude also affects overall health, but in a positive manner.

Over time, our health has a huge effect on our production.  In little, subtle ways we are either energized and enthused about life in general and our work in particular, or lethargic and a “step slow.”  Either way, there is an effect.

So, what’s the point here?  Let’s say you have a Friday schedule that is packed with appointments from 8:00 a.m. right on through the day with the final meeting not ending until at least 7 p.m.  There are two approaches you could take:  one, you could be pessimistic and say, “I can’t believe I have to work late on Friday while everyone else will be starting their weekend early and meeting at Happy Hour,” or you say “Wow!  This is going to be awesome.  I’ve got a great chance to make six sales today. How great will that make my weekend!”

Which person is likely to have a better day?  Remember the effects are not immediate.  What words you say out of habit will eventually determine your results.  So, examine what your usual words are, or better yet, ask a close friend for an honest appraisal of your general demeanor.  If you are aware of what you say you’re on your way to greater production. You can improve if you want to; start using positive, up-beat words on a regular basis.  Make it a point to NEVER let your words hold you back with National Agents Alliance.

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