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Frazzled, Stressed and Overwhelmed? Try These Tricks!

Oh noes!The life of an insurance sales person is not as easy as some are led to believe. Our days are filled with endless calls, rejections, achievements, emails and meetings—hardly a stress-free environment. Without proper stress management, you could be on the fast track to a burnout or worse.

Instead of bottling up your stress and letting it take over your life, National Agents Alliance suggests trying these stress busting tips from Entrepreneur Magazine’s article “How to stop stress in 60 seconds or less:”

  • Get physical fast: A quick minute of exercise when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed can really help you to relax!  When you exercise the feel good chemical in our body called endorphins are released, giving you that extra boost.
    • In addition, “exercise relaxes tense muscles that become tight and rigid when you experience stress,” says Kathleen Hall, chief executive of The Stress Institute in Atlanta, Ga., an educational and training firm that focuses on the effects of stress and how to relieve it. “Exercise delivers oxygen to the brain, vital organs and muscles immediately and produces endorphins that soothe your mind, body and soul.”
  • Stretch the stress out: Stretching is a great way to help restore your sense of calm. Hall suggests three yoga stretches you can do while sitting in your office chair –and it’s best to hold each stretch for up to five seconds. First, with arms at your side, put your head between your legs, trying to touch the floor with your head. Second, with hands on your thighs, stretch your entire body upward. Then slowly touch your chin to your chest. Third, with your feet firmly planted, grab the arm or side of the chair and turn your head toward the back wall. Hold for a few breaths and then repeat on the other side.


  • Focus on your breathing: Stress expert Wendy Duncan recommends a breathing exercise she calls “heart coherence,” which is achieved in three steps: First, place your left hand over your heart, then imagine your breath flowing through your heart. Take four counts to breathe in, and another four counts to breathe out. Then imagine the feelings of love, joy or compassion radiating out of you like beams of light.


  • Visualize a calming image: Duncan suggests imagining a lavender-colored, healing light moving through your body, taking away any stress or pain.
    • Another visualization technique comes from Cindy Kubica, a Nashville, Tenn.-based stress expert. She suggests putting your hand in front of you, palm up, and closing your eyes. Visualize a crystal sitting in your palm, or actually place one in your hand, if you have a stone. The healing properties of crystals are believed to date back centuries to many ancient cultures, including Egyptian, Chinese, and Native American. Some of the most popular ones are the amethyst (calms the mind), citrine (healing properties) and variscite (eases anxiety).Visualize the stone glowing and spreading warmth into your palm and then into the center of your body, spreading the light and color throughout your chest, up to your head, down your arms to the fingertips, and then down both of your legs to your toes.
  • Soothe your senses with calming scents: Aromatherapy is long held as a boosting agent for your psychological and physical well-being. According to the Alliance of International Aromatherapists, some of the most popular essential oils for stress relief are lavender and rose to relieve anxiety — and marjoram to promote relaxation.


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