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Three Changes You Can Make to Stay Focused with National Agents Alliance

When it comes to getting work done, everyone has some distractions that slow them down. Although some distractions are unavoidable, there are some small changes you can make to help you stay focused and improve your productivity. If you make the changes discussed below, you’ll be on your way to getting more work done and making more Keep track of your goalsmoney!

  1. Stop multitasking in front of clients and during meetings. Although it’s tempting to answer emails and texts while working with a customer or sitting in meeting, it’s probably hurting your business. Customers feel more comfortable when you give them your full attention and are more likely to give you a referral. During meetings, you’re probably missing important information when you’re looking down at your phone. You’ll have to ask questions of your coworkers about what you missed, which wastes your time and theirs. If you’re paying attention the first time, you won’t have to waste time and money asking people to repeat everything.
  2.  Turn off your notifications. Even though you want to watch the cute video of your nephew or see the hilarious photo your brother sent you, you don’t need to be notified the instant it’s posted on Facebook. You can’t stay focused on your work when you’re constantly checking your phone or computer. Set your notifications to go off before or after work hours and schedule a time during the day to look at all of your social media, personal emails, texts, and other notifications. If your schedule changes from day to day, make a list of all of the things you need to get done before you check your notifications. This will help you stay focused on what’s important and spend less time looking through things unrelated to work.
  3.  Listen to people who are helping you achieve your goals. Make a list of people who help you achieve your goals and another list of people who hold you back. Listen to the people on your first list, not your second. Try to spend more time with people who help you achieve your goals or encourage you to work harder, while spending less time with people who are distracting. If you’re being distracted by chatter that isn’t encouraging, don’t listen to it anymore. When you spend time with people who aren’t encouraging you, your goals slip further and further away. When your peers support your goals and cheer you on, you’re on the path to success

These are simple change you can make in your daily routines to help you become more focused, productive, and successful. National Agents Alliance is dedicated to making sure that you’ve got all of the tools you need to reach your potential. If you’re interested in spending more time with people who want you to succeed, talk with agents at your local Hotspot meeting every week – they’re the people you want to spend your time with! Visit www.naahotspots.com to find your local hotspot meeting.

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