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NAA Success Tips: Don’t Let YOU Stand in Your Way!

Make Your Way to SuccessMany people are too scared to live and work for their dreams. Basically, they’re scared to live up to life’s potential.  In fact, one of the biggest failures is giving up before you even tried, all because you were scared.

As Andy Albright said in the Millionaire Maker Manual, “We say that it takes YOUR WORK to make the DREAM WORK;” and that’s where many people fall short.

Whether it’s the risk, the fear of failure or loss of what you currently have, one thing is certain: being scared will never lead you to your dream. While failing is a very real outcome, so is success. But success isn’t achieved through fear, only through fearless actions towards your goals.

In order to break free from your fears, there are several things you can do:

  • Decide and Declare What You Want To Be: Resolve to be what you are reaching for. If you want to be a top producing life insurance agent, then decide that you are one.
  • Believe In It: You need to believe in yourself and your dreams in order to achieve them. If you believe you are a top producing life insurance agent, then you can begin acting like one. You just have to have a little faith.
  • Go For it: Your dreams will always remain “dreams” until you act upon them to make them your reality.

Here at National Agents Alliance we fully believe that it’s never too late to start living your dream and be who you want to be. Don’t let YOU stand in your way!

Josh McDonald

Joshua McDonaldJoshua McDonald is no stranger to a good fight. He grew up most of his life with a single mom who fought everyday to provide for them; many times working 2 jobs just to make ends meet. In September 2006, he watched his mom fight again as she had 12 brain tumors removed and 30 rounds of radiation. But at the age of 28, Josh never imagined he would be fighting for his own life.  Josh joined NAA back in December and has attended every sales meeting and info meeting.

The day after meeting with one of the founders during his trip to Dallas 2 weeks ago, Josh was on his way to an appointment when his breathing became labored. Rushing home to use his breathing treatment he had for his occasional asthma attacks, he quickly realized this was much bigger. Josh yelled for someone to call 911.

The last thing he remembers was grabbing the EMT in the ambulance by the shirt and telling him ” You gotta do something…I’m not gonna make it”. Josh prayed for his 5 month old son Beckham and passed out.  He woke up 2 days later in ICU after an acute asthma attack caused by an untreated cold almost cost him his life and Beckham his daddy.

This whole experience has given Josh a renewed sense of purpose in his life and passion for his business; he also believes it is not a coincidence he had just written his own life insurance policy the day before his attack! Even more remarkable was that next Tuesday, just 3 days after being released from the hospital, Josh attended the Roberts/Patton Group sales meeting with applications in hand!

The Patton & Roberts Agency is proud to have Joshua McDonald as a valuable part of the team.

-Jeremy T. Patton

The NAA Business Model

There are three things to look for when you start your own business:

Putting the Pieces Together

1: There must be a low start up cost.

You are not looking for a business to tie up all your assets and equity, you are looking for a business to generate more cash flow for your household. By choosing the National Agents Alliance business model, you can get started for almost nothing, and you can easily find other agents who can afford to join your business. You don’t want to have to work for years to earn a return on your investment.

2. The business must be easy to operate and maintain.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to spend their weekends stocking shelves, figuring out where to get leads, or searching for the best suppliers. NAA has prepared a turn-key system for its agents. Plug into that system and each step that you complete increases your confidence and leads you closer to your goals. NAA offers all the necessary training, leads are generated for the agents, the carriers are ready to take your applications, all you have to do is set some appointments and everything else is in place for you. You didn’t go into business to spend time creating the system, so by choosing National Agents Alliance you have a business where the groundwork has been laid for your success.

3. Look for a business where you can make a quick return on your investment.

How many hamburgers do you have to sell to recoup the cost of that restaurant? Most franchises take about 5 years of hard work before the owner sees their first profit. At National Agents Alliance, Andy Albright has created a model where a new agent can make a profit from their very first day in the business.

If you are serious about upgrading your lifestyle and creating more time for you to spend with your family, pick up a copy of Andy Albright’s Millionaire Maker Manual, and learn how thousands of agents run a business that has changed their lives. They made a small investment in themselves, plugged into the ready system, started earning a profit from the very first day, and today they enjoy a lifestyle that most only dream of.


EnthusiasmPeople are often more impressed with your enthusiasm than they are with how much you know.  Andy Albright always professes, “People don’t care how much you know, they want to know how much you care.”

We are in the people business, so it is imperative that your enthusiasm is genuine, and when it is, it will be infectious.  It rubs off on everyone you contact.

When you are building your agency, ask yourself this question:  “Would I want to be led by me?”  Remember, as you strive to improve your communication skills, you communicate enthusiasm through your words, your voice quality and your body language.  You are looking for quality people and your enthusiasm acts like a magnet to draw these people to you.

The greater the enthusiasm felt by the team, the greater the action and the greater the momentum, because the team is motivated by a common goal rather than fear.  Team spirit is developed.  As the great coaching legend John Wooden of UCLA said when talking about team success:  “It’s amazing what is accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit.”  The same is true with your National Agents Alliance team, and everyone prospers.

Your enthusiasm does not have to be loud and flashy, and, in fact, that type of enthusiasm will turn most people off.  As the leader, you just need to express enthusiasm through consistent action.  Every day, in everything you do, your energy, your demeanor sets the tone for your team.  The best-of-the-best at National Agents Alliance excel at building relationships with clients, carrier representatives and team members through their enthusiastic personality, always being genuinely “up,” loving what they do on a day-to-day basis.

Through practice and experience, successful people carry a positive, enthusiastic energy and naturally attract the attention and interest of the people around them.  Through Andy Albright’s 8 Steps to Success, agents learn the importance of always communicating with a Positive Mental Attitude (Step Number 8), and that even negative situations can be presented in a positive tone.

To be the effective leader, present yourself in a positive and enthusiastic manner, do not let negative people or circumstances drag you down, and make sure your enthusiasm is sincere, not phony.  The easiest way to attract the kind of people you want on your team is by becoming one of the people you seek yourself.

Leadership and Vision

Have VisionThere is always room in the world for one more leader.  When we hear the term ‘leader’, many of us imagine the president of a huge corporation, an army general or the ruler of a country. However, true leadership starts right where you are now.

Leadership, simply put, is the ability to influence others. It means you help others change their thoughts and actions in a positive manner and for the good of the organization, team or even a family unit. Think about it. Don’t you want to be a leader with your spouse, with your children, with your agency, and with your clients?  Don’t you want to have a positive influence?

How does someone become a better leader?  Leaders help people see their own potential, and have a real desire to see them move toward it. A leader at home can convince the children to do well in school. A leader at National Agents Alliance can influence a client to protect their family, and can help their agents to be more successful at sales and recruiting. A quick look at any endeavor, and one can quickly see that compensation closely follows leadership development.

The top leaders in National Agents Alliance have all learned leadership principles from Andy Albright and all desire to emulate Andy’s characteristics. They have all learned that true leaders are trustworthy, because if people don’t trust you they won’t follow you. They have learned that leaders care about more than just someone’s success; they care about the whole person. Ask any top producer about their key team members and they will be able to recite far more than just the monthly stats; they’ll be sure to know all about the agent’s family members, and their goals and dreams, too.  At NAA, our leaders share a vision that goes way beyond just knowing facts.

From Proverbs 28:18 we learn that where there is no vision, the people perish. Good leaders have a vision: my child can get good grades, my agency can grow 100% this year….they see beyond today, and they are good at painting the picture for others so they can ‘see’ it too.

Learn to see further down the road than others, and become a master at communicating your vision in a way that makes others want to go where you see. When you do, you’ll join the group of the great leaders at National Agents Alliance.

Top 12 Cheesy Sales Pitches: Are You Guilty of Using Them?

Cheesy sales lines.The sales world is full of cheesy pitches, which have been portrayed in many television and movies. But, unfortunately too many people take these “meant for TV” lines and use them in real life.

The following are LifeHealthPro.com‘s “Top 12 Cheesy Sales Lines to Avoid:”


  1. “What will it take to earn your business?”— Uh, maybe you could act like a professional and show me how I’m going to benefit from your product or service?
  2. “Is price the only thing holding you back?”—No, but the fact that you think price is the most important issue shows your complete lack of sales ability.
  3. “Here’s the phone, why not call your wife right now and talk to her?”—Seriously?
  4. “Don’t you want to save money?”—No, I’m an idiot. But, please insult my intelligence again by asking another stupid question like this.
  5. “If I could show you (insert benefit), would you be interested?”—How about you ask me a question or two so you can figure out how your product will help me?
  6. “This price won’t last long.”—Really? You can’t come up with anything better than that?
  7. “At this price, we’ll be sold out by the end of the day.”—Sure…and your new shipment arrives tomorrow morning.
  8. “I don’t think we’ll be offering this incentive next week.”—Yeah? I bet it will be better then, so maybe I’ll wait.
  9. “What do you know about us?”—Didn’t I just see a scathing story in the news last week?
  10. “What do I need to do to get you into…?”—You’re not “getting” me into anything with that approach.
  11. “Have you heard about us?”—No, and do you really think this question is going to make me want to listen to your sales pitch?
  12. “What are your needs?”—Why don’t you ask me some good questions that take a bit of thought and effort and I’ll tell you?

National Agents Alliance wants to know:  Are you guilty of making a sales line faux-pas?

Three Ways Salespeople Can Save Money While Traveling

Travel ExpensesBeing with National Agents Alliance, or even just in sales in general, means that you travel—a lot! Whether you’re traveling across the U.S. or an hour down the road, there’s one thing that you can count on—you’ll spend money. After a few trips, you begin to see how much it really costs to travel for work, but there are ways to do business on the road and save money.

  • Hotels:  You can save on your hotel rooms if you book in advance as much as possible. Using discount travel sites like Expedia.com or Travelocity.com, you can often find cheaper rates per night. In addition if you have AAA, they offer discounts at affiliated hotels—just show your card at check-in or during booking.
  • Airfares: Airlines in the U.S. earned some $6 billion in ancillary fees in 2010, charging for everything from a first checked bag to trail mix to pillows. Avoid extra baggage charges by packing light so that your luggage can be a carry on—saving you about $25 (depending on the carrier). You can also take advantage of discount travel sites like CheapTickets.com or Kayak.com to compare prices and find the best deal.
  • Rental Cars: While you won’t save much in renting vehicles, Enterprise has introduced a new customer service model to help set them apart. If one of their brands doesn’t have a car in the category you selected, or if you’re dissatisfied with the selection, employees are empowered to find options elsewhere in their fleet, the industry’s largest, or to offer a more expensive vehicle at the same price. That won’t help your bottom line–but if you’re going to pay $70 a day for a car, it might as well be a Lincoln, Entrepreneur Magazine reports.

It may also be a good idea to look into a rewards card, which gives you points when you spend, to use towards travel—like hotels and airfare. Some cards even allow you to use those points and turn them into cash, saving yourself money in the end.

No matter what you do, you will spend money while traveling. But, saving a few dollars here and there will add up and you’ll begin to see more money in your pocket.

Get a Commitment

Get a CommitmentI ran across an old article that originally appeared in 1997, titled “In War against No-Shows, Restaurants Get Tougher,” by William Grimes, and it is especially relevant for us as salespeople with National Agents Alliance.

The owner of a restaurant in Chicago, had an epiphany a bit over 10 years ago when he began adding up the cost of no-shows and found that the grand total was $900,000 a year, a figure that got him think­ing, fast.

He made a change in the restaurant’s procedure that underlines the status of a restaurant reserva­tion, which is less than a contract but something more binding than “I promise.”

He instructed his receptionists to stop saying, “Please call us if you change your plans,” and start saying, “WILL you call us if you change your plans?”

The no-show rate dropped from 30 percent to 10 percent!

In other words, by asking a question and eliciting a response, the receptionist created a sense of obligation. Getting that soft commitment made a huge impact.  When we say “May I send you some information?” that is asking the prospect to give you permission; instead, “I’ll send you some information, will you look it over and we can talk again in a few weeks?” is ask­ing the prospect to commit to the next step. Ask for some commitment — not permission.

If they’re too busy right now, “Will we be able to talk more about this when I call back in a few weeks?” is asking for commitment and implies that they need to be ready for that conversation when you do call back. Top producers at National Agents Alliance learn to get that small commitment so the prospect will be ready for the call. On the other hand, “May I call you in a few weeks?” is simply asking for permission.

People like to honor their commitments. If the call ends and they have only given you permission, why would they care what happens next? The ball is not in their court. But if the call ends and they’ve committed to doing something, odds are good they’ll do it. And if asking for that commitment doesn’t feel right, then it probably means you’ve got more work to do in building interest. Make it your goal on every call to ask a version of “Will you?” as opposed to “May I?”

Speed Lead Helps Crews Help Man Get Coverage

Mickey and Joanna Crews with Jon GordonMickey Crews snagged a Speed Lead for a man named Dan on May 7. Crews called several times and finally reached Dan on May 17. Crews was getting an oil change on his vehicle when he set the appointment with the gentleman.

Crews quickly referenced the email series the gentleman received from NAA President and CEO Andy Albright, which Dan remembered seeing and acknowledged that he had filled out his information and sent it in.

“I told Dan that Andy is a goofball and that he calls me ‘Agent X,’” Crews said. “That really solidified that I was an agent and not just some telemarketer.”

Crews said the man didn’t really want anybody to come to his home, but did want quotes. Crews said that Andy Albright believes that a person can die any day and because of that, Crews had to come see him as fast as possible so he was covered. Crews also told the gentleman to reply back to Andy if he got more emails so that it was clear that Crews was doing his job.

“I explained that as ugly as I am, I am still better than a needle or medical exam,” Crews said. “(Dan) laughed and booked the appointment for the next day. I explained that Joanna (wife) and I always have date night on Fridays at six, so we would have to move fast during our 5:30 appointment.”

When Crews arrived at the man’s home, he saw a mobile home park with a bunch of unmarked concrete slabs where people park their mobile homes. Crews called Dan and he came outside to meet him.

The gentleman requested $200,000 in term coverage. He was 66 and single and told Crews about his daughter, Cynthia and two grandchildren – Savannah and Giovanni – who live in New York. He wanted coverage for their sake.

Dan had suffered a heart attack five years prior, so Crews knew he would not be able to place a term policy on his client.

Like any good golf caddy would do for a champion golfer, Crews guided Dan to go in a smarter direction. Dan listened and ended up protecting his family by securing a Monumental Whole Life policy AND a new Guaranteed Advantage Accidental policy from Mutual of Omaha.

Both policies were e-apps, so Crews used the client’s computer to send everything in on the spot. Crews was paid for his efforts within 48 hours!

“I love the Speed Leads,” Crews said. “Thanks for thinking that through Andy. The best part was that Dan lived less than one mile from my house! And I made it home just in time for our date night! It really makes you wonder how many people live within a mile radius that need the coverage but have not thought to respond yet!”

Luckily for Dan, that number is one less than it was before Crews followed up on that Speed Lead that led to him protecting Dan and his loved ones.

Choose Happiness

Choose HappinessHappiness is a state of mind.

Do you know some people who never seem to be happy and some who always seem to be happy?  You actually have the freedom to choose happiness.  Some people get up every morning and make that choice, while others choose to let any little life challenge keep them on the unhappy side of the coin.

Remember from “Think and Grow Rich,” in the first sentence of the book it says, “Thoughts are things.”  Since we get to choose our thoughts you can start the day with thoughts that promote happiness.  As you know, thoughts repeated regularly and systematically sink into the subconscious mind and become habitual. The leading American philosopher of the nineteenth century, Ralph Waldo Emerson, said, “A man is what he thinks all day long.”  Don’t allow negative thoughts, defeatist thoughts or unkind thoughts linger in your mind; change them immediately.  Clean up your thoughts and make happiness a habit!

In his conclusion to The 8 Steps to Success, Andy Albright talks about “The Feeling of Success,” and what a great feeling it is!  However great it is to be able to afford anything you want, happiness is not about things.  You can’t purchase happiness.  The joy comes from being able to help others and really loving what you do.

Speaking about achievement, Andy says, “people ask, ‘why does a guy like Warren Buffett, up in years and amazingly wealthy, not just retire and count his blessings?’  It’s because achieving is what he does.  It defines who he is.  Achieving puts to use the strengths he has been given.”

The happiness comes from the journey, all the experiences along the way. Successful people like Buffett have found the right journey for them and the wealth gained is just the “fruits of the labor,” but by itself does not define the happiness one feels.  It’s more about the challenges faced and overcome, the relationships shared along the way and the feeling of helping other people reach their potential.

Even though the National Agents Alliance business can be hard at times, our agents, because they get to live the NAA creed…Have Fun, Make Money and Make a Difference…can create a level of happiness that far exceeds anyone’s wildest dreams.

Don’t allow wrong thinking to keep you from the happiness you deserve!

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