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Tips for Leading Others

If you are currently in a leadership position or are seeking a leadership position, it’s important to assess your leadership skills as they stand and determine what your areas of improvement are. Because all people are different, there is an array of leadership styles and methods, many effective for different people in different environments.

At National Agents Alliance, we encourage all corporate employees and agents to develop strong leadership skills as they grow in their roles and beyond. From corporate events and agent training to challenges at work and improving rank on the agent level board, the NAA culture continues to push onward toward great success and great leadership.

There are a few generic rules of leadership that yield successful management for most people in most environments. While different leaders have different styles, these basic principles can be absorbed and applied for a variety of situations.


A great leader should be engaging- A constant complaint of unhappy workers is that their leader or boss lacks personal concern for his/her workers’ well-being. Many workers feel that they don’t “have a voice” and are not respected for their thoughts, wants or needs. By adopting an engaging style of dealing with people you lead, you are creating a personable attitude that shows your genuine concern for the people you lead. Engaging with these people shows them that you care and that you hear their needs, making them value your ideas and your leadership more than they would otherwise. Getting to know the people you lead will help you delegate tasks appropriately and will make the operations process smoother.

A great leader should be encouraging- By encouraging the people you lead, you will keep them motivated to keep striving, working and succeeding in their work endeavors. Complimenting people on a job well-done and encouraging their ideas for the future will keep your followers aiming high. Without encouragement, people tend to get overworked and exhausted, often losing passion for their work. Reminding people that their work matters and that they are good at it will make them happier, thus encouraging them to keep working and moving forward.

A great leader should enforce the rules- While being engaging and encouraging are important aspects of being a successful and likeable leader, it is also important for leaders to be leaders, even if that means enforcing the rule every now and then. Because your job as a leader is to get things done and make sure everyone is pulling their weight, it’s vital for you to be respected and almost slightly feared. You don’t want people to be afraid to talk to you, but you do want the level of respect that makes them driven to meet deadlines out of fear that you will be disappointed or mad if they haven’t completed a task on time. Enforcing the rules will maintain the balance between an encouraging and engaging leader and the dictator leader – there will be a mutual respect because of the combination of traits.

By analyzing your leadership style and applying these ideas, you will create an environment where growth is encouraged and constant. You will create a leadership style that yields respect and success, and also an environment where tasks are done efficiently and correctly.

The Thoughts of Successful Leaders

SuccessFor many people just the simple fear of failing is enough to keep their ambitions in the shadows and their dreams on hold, which leaves them full of apprehension to actually go after those goals that could lead to their success.

While these negative thoughts will put you on track toward failure, it’s a positive mindset that will increase your chances of success.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, the following four tips will help promote a positive mindset that will help you overcome negative thoughts and grow your business:

  1. Trust that you’ll adapt to new challenges: You must face each challenge and uncertainty with confidence. If you focus on your abilities and your knowledge, reassuring yourself that you can handle whatever is thrown you way you’ll be less likely to feel overwhelmed.
  2.  Attribute your success to hard work, not luck:  Successful people absolutely believe that all their achievements are because of hard work and not just the luck of the draw. Because of this they are more confident in their abilities and will seek out and preserve through tough challenges, which only leads to greater chances of further success.
  3.  Believe that you are unique:  It’s important to stay true to who you are, and not attempt to be the next “Donald Trump.”  You must champion your individuality, and only learn from the people that you admire—not try to become them. Embrace and empower yourself through your own strengths, allowing you to stand out in the crowd on your own terms.
  4.  Challenge your negative beliefs:  Negativity is the kiss of death to your ambitions. If you really want to succeed you must remove the negativity from your life and embrace the positive in every situation. You must challenge any negative thoughts by reminding yourself of your strengths, your goals, and that you will succeed if you work for it. Only when you truly believe in yourself is when you’ll reach success.

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