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Sales Tips: How to Earn Your Client’s Trust

imagesEarning your customer’s respect is key at every level of the sales transaction. From appointment setting, selling the products and closing the deal, trust needs to be established at every level.

But earning that respect can be difficult for some sales people. If you are having trouble creating trust and a bond with your clients, here are five tips that can help you establish that important connection.

1. Always respect their time: Everyone is busy, so make your appointment setting calls and meetings short, sweet and to the point. Always inquire about what time of day is best for them to meet, whether it is morning, afternoon and night. When you are in the home, make sure you are mindful of their time and don’t drag out the appointment.

2. Show up on time: Although this sounds like a no-brainer, sales people still show up late to appointments. Like in my previous point, everyone is busy, so respect their schedules. If you say you’re going to show up or call someone at a specific time, then do it.

3. Offer relevant product: Here at National Agents Alliance, we demand that our agents only sell products that our clients can truly afford and best fits their needs.  Attempting to sell a product that’s stretches their budget, only because that means you’ll receive higher commission, will cause you to automatically lose respect and credibility with your clients. Plus, they will ultimately cancel their policy.  Before you start making suggestions or talking about your product, make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of their situation and the type of coverage they are seeking.

4. Don’t pitch: No one likes, or responds well, to a sales pitch. Instead, engage your prospect in conversation to find out what type of product and coverage they need. That will put you and your client on the same page, and instill trust that you are only trying to help them—not to just make a buck.

5. Turn down the sale: Every now and then, you will have a client that actually needs someone else’s services instead of yours. If your product or service doesn’t meet your client’s needs or solve their problem, it is better to refer them to someone who can. You will establish integrity and trust with your client by truly looking out for their best interests.

If you want more tips on how to improve your selling techniques, NAA University is the one-stop training shop for National Agents Alliance. NAAU will teach you the ins and outs of the business and prepare you to meet with clients.   For more tips and information on effective selling and how to build trust with your clients, please visit naauniversity.com.

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