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Turning the ‘NO’ into a ‘YES!’

No to YesThe word every salesperson hates to hear—“NO!” For commission-based salespeople, this means you’re not coming home with the bacon tonight. Most often the skeptical clients already have the word “no” rolling off their tongue before you even have the chance to introduce yourself, let alone get the first word of your sales pitch out.

There’s no doubt that being rejected stings and deflates egos, but there are ways in which you can improve your tactics in order to change the “no” to “yes.”

Fox Business has revealed some tips on what to do after you have been rejected by a potential client:

  • Reevaluate your approach: If you are getting rejected by client after client, the problem may be in your approach. If you are attacking your potential client with several open-ended questions while examining them for vulnerabilities that you can use to sneak in and close the deal, you’re likely turning them off and intimidating them. It’s important to keep sight of the humanity in your potential client; talk to them, listen and fully understand what is that THEY are seeking to gain out of this appointment.
  • Ask to speak again: Cold calling is arguably one of the most feared activities by salespeople. But, if someone tells you that they’re “not interested,” ask them if you call them again in the future; and you’ll be surprised how many people say “yes” and give you a time frame. You never know what the prospect client has going on at the time, and simply just doesn’t have the time to talk to you right now.
  • Ask for feedback: Don’t be afraid to ask your client what went wrong. Make sure they know that you are not trying to sell them again—you want to know for your own personal use. Let them know that you are just seeking to improve on what you do and you would like honest feedback, whether it was delivery, price, product features (or lack thereof), etc.

Lastly, it’s important to remember to not lose your focus and drive due to a few rejections. All of us here at National Agents Alliance have heard “no” at some point, the key is to take each one as a learning lesson and move on to the next client!

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The NAA Business Model

There are three things to look for when you start your own business:

Putting the Pieces Together

1: There must be a low start up cost.

You are not looking for a business to tie up all your assets and equity, you are looking for a business to generate more cash flow for your household. By choosing the National Agents Alliance business model, you can get started for almost nothing, and you can easily find other agents who can afford to join your business. You don’t want to have to work for years to earn a return on your investment.

2. The business must be easy to operate and maintain.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to spend their weekends stocking shelves, figuring out where to get leads, or searching for the best suppliers. NAA has prepared a turn-key system for its agents. Plug into that system and each step that you complete increases your confidence and leads you closer to your goals. NAA offers all the necessary training, leads are generated for the agents, the carriers are ready to take your applications, all you have to do is set some appointments and everything else is in place for you. You didn’t go into business to spend time creating the system, so by choosing National Agents Alliance you have a business where the groundwork has been laid for your success.

3. Look for a business where you can make a quick return on your investment.

How many hamburgers do you have to sell to recoup the cost of that restaurant? Most franchises take about 5 years of hard work before the owner sees their first profit. At National Agents Alliance, Andy Albright has created a model where a new agent can make a profit from their very first day in the business.

If you are serious about upgrading your lifestyle and creating more time for you to spend with your family, pick up a copy of Andy Albright’s Millionaire Maker Manual, and learn how thousands of agents run a business that has changed their lives. They made a small investment in themselves, plugged into the ready system, started earning a profit from the very first day, and today they enjoy a lifestyle that most only dream of.

Share Your Success With Someone

Share Your SuccessAsk anyone who is going through a difficult time in their marriage, or with a child, or even butting heads with a co-worker and they will tell you that difficulties in relationships can negatively impact every area of our life.  Because relationships are so important to success at National Agents Alliance, this is doubly true for our agents.

In the creation story, the first gift bestowed on the very first person was the gift of a companion. Humans are designed to live together, and the vast majority of our happiness in life (or lack thereof) comes from our ability to have good relationships.  This is obvious in your NAA business.

Most of us have learned somewhere along the way that having good relationships is not easy and takes the effort of both parties for success.  Perhaps you’re in a relationship right now with a spouse or other important person and that relationship is no longer what it used to be. Maybe there is tension from work, or maybe you’ve just lost interest and drifted apart. Whatever is affecting the relationship, it’s important to use a few basic skills to repair it.  All the success in the world can be diminished in value if you have no one to share it with.

Whether the relationship is at work or personal, there are three basic tools that can make things work better. The three tools are time, effort, and imagination. Sadly, the first tool is so simple it is often overlooked. Time is as simple as sitting at the table together eating a meal instead of grabbing a meal on the go, or in the case of a key relationship, it can be the commitment to spend a week’s vacation together or to sit and read to a child every night for fifteen minutes.

One single, working mom shared the story of how she always gets up 30 minutes early and fixes a big breakfast for her three boys. Their teenage lives are busy and full of sports and activities, but she made the commitment to spend time with them before the distractions of the day, and it has kept her family close. While these things may not be easy, they pay huge dividends, and the good things in life generally require some effort on our part. She clearly feels that this extra effort is a key to her children’s well-being.

Imagination is the ability to see the relationship the way it could be.  Be creative and plan a special date with your spouse and then make it happen. Celebrate a holiday or a birthday in a unique way. Find a funny card to send for no reason at all or bring a coworker a piece of homemade dessert or an interesting newspaper article. Just use a little imagination and have some fun with it.

Top producers at National Agents Alliance learn quickly that a key factor for success in life is having good relationships with family, team members and clients.  We will never do well in sales or recruiting if we can’t conquer the basics of healthy relationships, and life’s successes seem even sweeter when you have someone to share them with.

So You Think Times are Tough?

Sometimes when you think you’ve made a great presentation and you’re ready to start filling out the app, the prospect seems to have a change of heart.  Seemingly out of nowhere a new objection pops up and you end up driving away empty-handed while wondering what just happened.

Since every sales person, at one time or another, has faced this situation, agents working with National Agents Alliance will undoubtedly have to deal with a similar disappointment.  It’s easy to get discouraged because you just made a great presentation, showing the prospect how they could protect their family, and, for some reason, they just didn’t get it.

The same discouragement can happen when you’re making your dials and appointment setting isn’t going so well.  Some days it just seems like the only word you hear is “no.”  It’s a great time to remember step eight in Andy Albright’s 8 Steps to Success – always have a positive mental attitude.

Jackie RobinsonHere’s something else you could use to help in the situation when you think things are really tough and you want to get down on yourself.  In a recent article about Major League Baseball’s 5th Annual celebration honoring Jackie Robinson, the author pointed out the difficulties Robinson faced.  Sixty-five years ago Robinson broke the color barrier in major league baseball, and it turns out that he became one of the most important civil rights figures in the long battle for equality.  Robinson’s heroics in the struggle to integrate baseball are legendary, and he faced many difficult trials and tribulations and disgraceful behaviors from many of the fans.  Hitting a 95 mph fast ball is one of the most difficult tasks in all of sports, but can you imagine doing it under the extra pressure that Robinson faced?

On the day of this annual celebration all the major league players wear the uniform number 42, which was Robinson’s number.  So any time in your day-to-day activities of running your National Agents Alliance business when you feel discouraged and under pressure to succeed, think about Jackie Robinson.  Maybe you should put the number 42 up where you can see it.  It might just change your perspective about how much pressure you’re really facing.

National Agents Alliance announces Shearers and Phelps’ win ExamFX contest

BURLINGTON, N.C. – National Agents Alliance President and Chief Executive Officer Andy Albright announced that Kirk and Erin Shearer and Ryan and Bridget Phelps have won the ExamFX contest for placing the most personal recruits in licensing class from Jan. 1 through March 4.

Both couples will join Albright and his wife Jane on a three-day trip to Las Vegas, Nev., where they will stay in the Cosmopolitan March 26-28.

“We’re excited for the Shearers and the Phelps’ because they worked hard to win this contest and we will be able to spend some quality time with them in Las Vegas,” Albright said. “They are both great couples and we’re proud of them and know that they are vital to our team’s growth. We can’t wait to get out there.”

National Agents Alliance is an innovative lead generation and marketing organization that sells life insurance, annuities and other financial services products through more than 7,000 active independent sales representatives in 50 states. Focused on serving middle-income families, National Agents Alliance offers a broad array of other affordable products from highly-regarded companies such as Mutual of Omaha, Foresters, ING, etc. Since its inception in 2002, National Agents Alliance has helped more than 800,000 families successfully apply for more than $87 billion in life insurance coverage.

For more than 12 years, ExamFX has worked with many of the top insurance companies and financial institutions nationwide to solve their state insurance and securities pre-licensing needs. Its courses are streamlined, saving new candidates time in the study process to get them in the field faster writing business. In each state, ExamFX follows the Department of Insurance outline verbatim, meaning no fluff, only the information necessary to pass the state exam the first time.


Jim Rohn, businessman, philosopher, and speaker, frequently spoke on a topic he called ‘seasons of life.’ He shared that life follows predictable patterns just like the four seasons.

Let’s look at how this applies to your business. Are you brand new in the business?  Just getting started? Excited by all the successful people you are meeting and about how bright your future is with National Agents Alliance?  Spring is a great season when everything seems brand new and is full of promise. But spring requires our immediate attention: spring is when we must get busy and plant some seeds in the ground. Spring is short, and we must clear away the remains of winter and get busy turning the soil and planting the seeds.  Some people join the business, and then don’t even begin…they think that they can delay spring for a few months, but a smart agent knows that spring won’t wait. The seed you plant today will bring you a harvest in the fall.

Spring is followed by summer, and Mr. Rohn teaches that this is the season that separates the winners from the rest. Summer is when we have to work the hardest in our garden. Pull the weeds, fight the bugs, and water the crop; all this work and no harvest yet. This is the time when some of the agents quit…”It’s too hard, I don’t see how this can work”. The secret to success in summer is in knowing that while the days can be long, hot, and tiring, they will be followed by a harvest. Those who stay in the game and keep their focus will become successful.

National Agents Alliance - SeasonsFall is payday and we reap what we have sown.  Did you sow your seeds diligently in the spring? Did you call on friends and neighbors to market policies?  Did you look for and invite good people to join your agency?  Did you get them trained properly?  When you look back at summer, did you continue to sharpen your skills in dialing leads, in running appointments? Did you do the hard work of building and leading your team to success?  If so, you will enjoy your harvest or payday. If you didn’t, paydays will be smaller. Fall is when we gather all we have done up to that point. Are you gathering enough to take care of you in the future, are you building a big enough agency, or are you staring at a pocket full of crumbs and remorse?

And of course there’s winter. Winter can bring heartbreaks, financial difficulties, and illness…Life throws so many curve balls.  If you have you prepared for the winter, you will ride it out and emerge tougher and stronger than ever.  If you haven’t done your work, then winter can break you. We all know someone who didn’t prepare and is broke, sick, hopeless, or alone. Winter is hard, and we must prepare.  But winter has a unique reward, one that is inevitable, and that reward is spring follows.  No matter how long, cold or dark, winter will end and a new spring will come.

National Agents Alliance encourages you to look at your business and assess where you are.  Do the work that is required now so that as the seasons pass, you can look at all you’ve done and know that your harvest will be bountiful.

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